What’s New In LiveVox? Fall 2023 Edition

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The LiveVox Fall 2023 release introduces fresh features aimed at enhancing the omnichannel customer experience and delivering actionable data and automation tools to contact centers in the U.S. and globally.

First up, we’ve expanded our international communication capabilities. That’s right, we’re spreading our wings and making it easier for you to connect with customers around the world and deliver better customer experiences across evolving customer journeys. From coast to coast and across the oceans, LiveVox is all about breaking down boundaries to give you a truly global reach. 

LiveVox Fall 2023 updates include: 

  • Expanded international communication capabilities 
  • Deepened integrations and functionality with Salesforce and Meta’s Facebook Messenger
  • Enhanced chatbot with generative AI capabilities and improved Speech-to-Text transcription, both powered by OpenAI 

Contact center leaders can now more easily leverage the latest AI tools, including generative AI, in a practical and cost-effective way, while our enhanced integrations streamline operations for contact center agents on the front lines, eliminating unnecessary barriers.

These updates significantly up the ante on our capacity to serve international contact center leaders in their pursuit of intelligent customer engagement. As a result, this expansion will extend our market-leading contact center solutions to a wider array of new customers and partners. 

See what’s new on the LiveVox platform:

  •  Expanded international capabilities

LiveVox continues to expand its international presence, introducing a suite of its industry-leading voice and SMS capabilities – proven in North America – worldwide. This launch features the establishment of UK and EU Data Centers, along with the rollout of an array of advanced features. These enhancements will empower its clients to deliver exceptional customer engagement, initiate campaigns, and oversee operations with efficiency and compliance across the globe.

See what’s new on the LiveVox platform
  • Advanced integrations with Salesforce & Meta’s Facebook Messenger

With deepened integrations with both Salesforce and Facebook Messenger, LiveVox has removed communications, data and process siloes that are a prevalent and ongoing challenge for contact center operators. Salesforce users can now leverage LiveVox’s SMS functionally through the Salesforce AppExchange, adding an additional communications channel tied to their customers’ records on the LiveVox platform. 

Also, LiveVox customers on Facebook can now utilize Facebook Messenger to connect their consumers directly to an agent to address any feedback or questions, removing the need to redirect a consumer to the company’s website for assistance.

  • Generative chat & other AI enhancements

In this release LiveVox will be welcoming its users to participate in a Beta program introducing new Generative Chat ‘agents’ powered by OpenAI’s advanced Large Language Model. These advanced chatbots reference clients’ content within the LiveVox Knowledge Center to deliver fluid and natural customer interactions. As Knowledge Center articles are created and updated the model self-adjusts in real-time, ensuring the latest information is used.

Generative chat & other AI enhancements

Also, our AI Agent Assist tool now offers two enhanced features. First, agents receive an auto-updating checklist for complex tasks as they progress through them, for example completing lengthy disclosures or statements. Second, live prompts from Agent Assist are customized based on data from LiveVox Contact Manager, allowing tailored guidance depending on factors such as a customer’s location, credit score, account status, or any other default or customer field within our Contact Center CRM.

To learn more about LiveVox’s Fall 2023 release and proven cloud contact center platform, check out the full release brief here.

Did you know?
Contact Center AI is easy to do with LiveVox - Get the AI Starter Kit

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