September 14, 2022

What is the Best SMS Marketing Platform for Generating Inbound Leads?

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What is the Best SMS Marketing Platform for Generating Inbound Leads?

Most marketers will tell you that one of their biggest struggles is getting customers to respond to their sms marketing platform. Hours upon hours are spent formulating just the right verbiage for email campaigns, online ads, landing pages, and social media content. When numerous audiences fail to respond to these efforts, marketers may revert to redoing their verbiage or creating new campaigns from scratch. 

One factor they may not consider is the medium they use to communicate with customers. Customers simply delete emails or have them automatically sent to the junk folder. Online ads can easily be hidden. However, one form of outreach has a significantly higher response rate than others: SMS. SMS messaging has a whopping 209% response rate, making it an ideal way for companies to not only reach their target audiences, but to get their input as well. 

SMS marketing is a way for companies to reach out to leads and customers using text messaging.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a way for companies to reach out to leads and customers using text messaging. Contact center agents can communicate with customers using a software platform that allows them to type and configure messages. Customers receive these messages like they would a regular text. They can respond in the same manner. 

Some software allows agents to set up hands-off SMS marketing campaigns, which is an efficient way to reach out to numerous leads at once. Recipients can choose to respond or opt out. Companies know that SMS is one of the most successful modes of communication, so they rely on it when they need to reach their customers. 

SMS for nurturing inbound leads

Inbound leads are one of the most sought after types of sales leads. When interested prospects reach out to companies to learn more about their services, employees’ workloads are slashed in half. By using one of the most successful forms of marketing, companies can also generate inbound leads. That can look something like this:

  1. At the click of a button, an agent sends out an SMS marketing campaign to a list of 100 leads. 
  2. The message the agent sends through the campaign tells customers about a promotion and gives them a number to call if they’d like to earn more about it. The message also provides an option to opt out of SMS messaging by replying “N.” 
  3. 12 recipients opt out; 88 call back at a more convenient time throughout the next few days. 
  4. The agent who initiated this campaign generated 88 inbound leads. 

LiveVox SMS solutions

LiveVox develops technology-driven contact center solutions that enhance both the customer and agent experience. The omnichannel, unified platform gives agents the capability to interact with customers through various modes of communication such as voice, SMS, webchat, and email. Our SMS tool provides numerous features such as: 

Smooth and fast setup

SMS can be quickly and easily set up during workflow operations. The installation process is as simple as point-and-click. Setup and installation downtime is significantly reduced, allowing call centers to keep productivity from decline. eLVee, the LiveVox native bot, makes setup easy to navigate. The user-friendly SMS platform can be effortlessly configured to suit any contact center’s needs. 

Campaign management

Organizing SMS marketing campaigns is easy to execute using the LiveVox platform. Leads can be organized into different categories. Advanced filters allow for thorough segmentation. Agents can then automate campaigns so that outreach efforts are maximized, even if out of office. Automation is an option that call centers have come to rely on because it frees up time for those agents performing outreach. Instead, employees can focus on other areas of importance within each campaign. 


Dynamic values within SMS marketing campaigns help personalize every single message leads and customers receive. Instead of sending a generic, spam-like text message, SMS messages can address each recipient by name or revolve around other factors specific to a group, location, event, etc. 

Multiple send options

The LiveVox SMS messaging also gives users the option to choose different variations of numbers to send from. For example, contact centers can choose to use their 800 number or a local area code to display for recipients.

Performance Visibility

It’s easy to see which SMS campaigns are faring well through LiveVox SMS. Marketing campaigns become more efficient as agents can quickly identify poorer faring campaigns. Agents can modify or instead build upon those campaigns that are doing very well. The bird’s-eye view that contact centers get through the SMS tool boosts agent engagement by providing them the data they need to be successful employees. 

Highly customizable workflows

Call centers can customize the way agents interact with each SMS message that comes through. The LiveVox platform allows users to identify features that would make a message urgent and automatically push them to the front of the queue. Routing is also optimized and ensures that customers are sent straight to the agent who can help.

Compliance-focused features

Compliance rules can be really complicated and are always evolving, sometimes leaving contact centers with issues trying to catch up. The LiveVox SMS platform eliminates this common stressor. Features such as the Opt-Out list comply with CTIA-mandated policies. Prohibited contact hours are automatically included into each campaign. In order to comply with legal regulations, recipients will not receive SMS marketing messages after a certain time.

All in one unified platform

Agents benefit from using LiveVox’s unified customer engagement tools through the access we provide to customer data and interaction history from different sources. Each message agents receive can pull up a customer’s past conversations and account from the LiveVox customer database so that every interaction is better personalized. Agents can even see customer contact preferences. If SMS messages aren’t a customer’s preferred choice of communication, agents can see this in past history notes.

When you are ready to select the top SMS marketing platform for your call center, consider how the LiveVox platform expertly manages and sends various SMS campaigns. LiveVox provides the right tools and expertise to ensure customers have a positive experience. 

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