March 2, 2023

3 Key Points for Contact Center Workforce Management: Scheduling, Experience & Communication

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3 Key Points for Contact Center Workforce Management: Scheduling, Experience & Communication

The contact center workforce management industry is changing, and that’s a good thing. Call centers are becoming more tech-oriented, and workforce management is a key part of this change.

In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the best practices for getting started with workforce management in your own call center. We’ll also touch on some of the game-changing things you can do to help your call center staff be more productive while reducing turnover, increasing quality, and saving money.

Tips for call center workforce management

Running a call center can seem overwhelming and difficult to manage. Leadership must have the right tools to empower agents. Effective workforce management is essential for the call center’s success. If management isn’t able to provide employees the right resources to perform their job functions, the quality of service customers receive may suffer. Effective workforce management is necessary. It prevents those issues commonly found in the industry. Problems such as high-turnover rates and  sub-par customer support can be remedied through improved workforce management. 

Workforce management can be described as the methods call centers use to run operations and agent workflows. The goal of workforce management is to maximize agent efficiency through streamlined processes. Below are three tips to improve your call center’s workforce management. 

Running a call center can seem overwhelming and difficult to manage. Leadership must have the right tools to empower agents.

Improve scheduling efficiencies

Call volumes generally fluctuate throughout the day. Ensuring that the right number of agents are available to take calls can be tricky. One significant aspect of effective workforce management is the ability to anticipate the right number of agents needed per shift. Spotting trends in historical data helps team management better predict the needs of the call center. Call tracking software is necessary in this case. This tool can provide supervisors with information about call volume throughout for easier scheduling. 

LiveVox’s contact center workforce management solution has the resources team leaders need for scheduling. Its powerful historical data and automation capabilities forecast demand with great accuracy. While under- and over-staffing can be a major issue for most call centers, supervisors can trust that the LiveVox AI-driven smart staffing solution will ensure that each shift carries the right number of agents. 

Advanced skill-based scheduling ensures agents with the right skills are available for customers with specific needs, such as a different language. One example is scheduling Spanish-speaking agents. Only those agents who are identified as Spanish-speaking would be assigned strategically to cover the full extent of business hours. Automated scheduling workflows also free up managements’ time to focus on other more important areas related to their role in the call center. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out confusing schedules, supervisors can use their time for coaching and agent performance. 

Create a better agent experience

Employees across all industries expect to have a greater sense of control over their schedules. In the past, an agent may have needed to send an email to request a sick day, often at the last minute. This could disrupt scheduling and cause confusion, especially if management doesn’t see the email on time. It can also be difficult for supervisors to track agents’ vacation days, which could also have a negative impact on scheduling. 

Employees across all industries expect to have a greater sense of control over their schedules.

LiveVox’s Workforce Management solution leverages automation to give agents the tools they need to manage their own schedules. Call center leadership can customize the platform with the data agents need to manage their time. Requesting days off is as simple as the click of a button. Supervisors can get a holistic view of the call centers’ scheduling needs and approve days off accordingly. This structure is not only beneficial to the agent, but it also makes scheduling easier for supervisors. Automation technology can provide agents with convenience and autonomy by helping keep them engaged.

Coaching is another factor of efficient contact center workforce management. Agents need effective coaching to help guide them when they are struggling with performance. Quality coaching tools can help agents improve their skills. This results in a better customer experience. LiveVox’s Speech IQ with Quality Management gives leadership better visibility into agent performance. SpeechIQ uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to transcribe and assign meaning to what an agent is saying. The tool also analyzes tone and speed of voice to accurately monitor every interaction. This data can help supervisors know which agents need the most help. SpeechIQ with Quality Management provides scored calls that allow supervisors to quickly narrow down those agents that may need extra coaching.

Provide ample communication

Open communication is a critical factor of positive agent engagement. As many agents now work from home, having effective messaging tools is more important than ever. Agents should have access to leadership and their fellow agents, especially when they need help during a call. Agents may risk damaging the customer experience if a supervisor isn’t available during an escalated call. Their confidence can also be negatively impacted if they consistently find themselves unable to figure out solutions. Reliable messaging is key to communication. The LiveVox Workforce Management tool connects supervisors, agents, and analysts together through integrated desktop portals and messaging groups. Notifications ensure that messages aren’t missed. 

Keeping a smooth-running call center may seem like an endless loop, but with the right tools, leadership can ensure that agents and customers are engaged and satisfied. LiveVox’s Workforce Management solution provides call centers with the exact tools needed to effectively manage employees. Request a demo to learn more about the WEM solution to find out how it improves call center operations through AI and automation technology.

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