The Best Workforce Management Software to Reclaim Control Over Your Team and Lead Like a BOSS

The Best Workforce Management Software to Reclaim Control Over Your Team and Lead Like a BOSS

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Ensuring that your contact center agents are managed efficiently is vital for a smooth operation. Without proper management, agents can’t reach their maximum potential. It can be difficult for contact center leadership to effectively track all their agents. Performance, scheduling, coaching, and communication are all important factors that contribute to the success of every agent. An intelligent workforce management software can fill in those gaps by allowing contact center leadership to support the needs of the agents

What is workforce management software?

Workforce management software is a solution that simplifies scheduling, staffing, forecasting, and communication in the contact center. It can help create more efficient schedules based on agent skill-sets and expected call volume. It empowers agents by giving them more autonomy over their schedules. It can also ensure that supervisors are kept up-to-date to meet the needs of the agents. 

Which is the best workforce management software for the contact center? If you’re considering implementing a new workforce management solution for your call center, make sure that you choose one with the right features. It should simplify management tasks and enhance your agents’ productivity. LiveVox’s Workforce Management software provides contact centers with highly effective management tools that are easy to use. Read on to learn three benefits that LiveVox’s powerful workforce management solution provides that make it stand out.

Intelligent staffing capabilities

LiveVox integrates advanced analytics into its workforce management solution to forecast demand, automate scheduling based on need and skill, and monitor agent adherence. These enhanced features give contact center supervisors more time for other aspects of their job. They can instead focus on coaching and strategizing to improve team performance. Scheduling agents can be time-consuming, especially when a supervisor has a large team. It can be even trickier when they need to align scheduling with call volume forecasts. If you add skill-based scheduling into the mix, it’s easy to see why scheduling can take up a supervisor’s entire day. With LiveVox, scheduling is optimized through automation, providing efficient staffing abilities that maximize the contact center’s productivity. Supervisors can easily monitor agent adherence through detailed reports that LiveVox’s advanced analytics provides. They can narrow down those areas of inefficiency to quickly find a solution that will keep their teams running optimally.

Self-scheduling features

As many agents have shifted into the remote work environment, providing them the tools they need to manage their schedules as needed makes sense. LiveVox empowers agents by giving them the ability to manage their own schedules. The platform makes it easy for agents to request PTO, swap shifts, and request schedule changes. This removes the need for supervisors to try and accommodate every request. In the past, agents were forced to request time off or schedule changes directly with their supervisor. At times it was also uncomfortable for agents. Some may have felt hesitant about sharing personal details about their time off requests.

Contact center supervisors are often preoccupied with helping and training agents. This takes an intense focus, so it’s more likely for scheduling matters to slip through the cracks.

Instead of sending emails that can easily be missed or forgotten or awkward conversations with supervisors, agents can take care of their scheduling requests themselves. The LiveVox scheduling platform takes into account the staffing needs of the contact center, so management can rest assured that each shift will have the right number of agents. The current workforce generation responds better to flexibility and knowing they have options. Giving agents autonomy with their schedules helps improve retention because it gives them a better sense of control over when they work. Turnover can be a huge pain point for contact centers, so keeping agents engaged is critical for success. 

Collaborative features

Remote work has changed a significant portion of the work environment. Keeping agents, supervisors, and analysts connected ensures that agents experience smooth workflows. If communication is weak, contact centers can become chaotic. Agents can struggle to find help in the middle of calls, resulting in customers with poor experiences. LiveVox’s Workforce Management software keeps users up to date. Through different notification channels, supervisors can quickly see when their assistance is needed. Agents can quickly reach out for help as needed and supervisors will receive alerts. This is also useful for physical contact center locations. Supervisors may be responsible for over a hundred agents at any given time. It can be difficult for them to always see when an agent is flagging them down for help. Notifications through their desktop and mobile ensures they don’t miss requests for help.

Consider the LiveVox Workforce Management Software to better lead your contact center agents and efficiently manage your processes. Our advanced technology is easy to use and simple to get started with. Both agents and customers will reap the benefits of LiveVox’s intelligent solutions. Request a demo to find out how LiveVox’s Workforce Management Software can help set your contact center up for success.

Did you know?
Contact Center AI is easy to do with LiveVox - Get the AI Starter Kit

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