October 4, 2022

The 3 Call Center Dialers that Define the Industry

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The 3 Call Center Dialers that Define the Industry

Call center dialers are a type of software that contact centers use to make outbound calls. Dialers play many important roles within the call center. They function in different ways to help teams achieve specific goals. Some are designed to automatically make as many calls as possible until someone answers. Others make calls only when agents initiate them. Dialers reduce errors and save agents time, helping improve productivity and efficiency

Why are call center dialers important?

Call center dialing solutions are important for multiple reasons. For example, the speed at which they dial out is much faster than agents manually dialing out. This allows companies to reach as many leads and customers as possible in a shorter time frame. It would be difficult for agents to dial over a hundred numbers manually each day. Dialing errors also extend the time it takes agents to reach their daily goals. 

Dialers also help call centers save time by allowing businesses to send pre-recorded messages to a large number of people. Debt collection companies sometimes send out messages to customers to request a callback at a convenient time. Customer service agents also use this type of feature to send out importants notifications to many clients all at once. 

Different types of dialers

There are several types of dialer software that serve to help call centers reach different goals. Here is a breakdown of dialer types and how they work.

Power Dialers

Power dialers work by automatically dialing numbers with one click of a mouse. Agents do not have to manually dial any numbers. This saves them a significant amount of time at the end of the day after dialing so many numbers.

Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers help contact centers maximize the number of calls they can make at once. They do this by using call data and agent availability to determine how many outbound calls to make. When a customer answers, they are automatically connected to a live agent. Should the software encounter a busy signal or voicemail, it can disconnect and attempt the next number.

Progressive Dialers

Progressive dialers also save agents a significant amount of time. The concept with this software is a little bit simpler. As an agent places themselves on queue, the dialer then makes an attempt to reach another customer. Agents can leave a voicemail or disconnect, then go back to the queue.

How call centers use different dialer software

Power dialers are perfect for times when agents must revise a customer’s account history or rehearse a script before making a call. Some situations require a bit more time per call because of the prep time involved. 

For example, a supervisor making a call to an escalated customer who was promised a callback would benefit from revising the account call notes beforehand to know exactly what was going on. Agents still save time using this dialer because they do not have to dial out themselves. Instead, they initiate calls only when they are ready to do so. 

Predictive dialers are best suited for situations when a call center needs to maximize the number of people they reach. A good example would be an outbound campaign about an upcoming promotion. A call center who wants to ensure that every customer is aware can use a predictive dialer to call as many numbers as possible at once. 

Predictive dialers won’t dial out more than the number of agents that are available to take calls. The dialer software can skip voicemails and busy signals.  As a result, the software makes outreach efforts extremely efficient since agents are only connected to live customers. 

Progressive dialers are commonly used for more routine tasks. They do not dial out to as many numbers as possible nor do they give agents time to pause before a call. A few examples of how agents use progressive dialers could be to complete follow-ups, welcome calls, or upsale calls. Progressive dialers also allow time to leave voicemails. The software saves them time by steadily dialing out a new number as the agent disconnects. 

The benefits of call center dialers

Call center dialers not only enhance the agent experience, but they also increase agent productivity. This software removes the tedious task of manual dialing. Manually dialing so many numbers over and over makes it easy to make mistakes, wasting even more time. This can result in frustrated agents and overall poor performance if they feel rushed and fatigued. 

Call center dialers not only enhance the agent experience, but they also increase agent productivity

Compliance issues are also mitigated when call centers use dialers to make calls. After-hours calls or numerous attempts at calling the same number multiple times within a specific time-frame violate regulations set by the FDCPA. Dialers can easily be configured to avoid those scenarios. Agents can focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about non-compliance. Customers are also free of receiving calls repeatedly or late at night, which could harm a company’s image. 

Consider the type of dialer that your contact center needs to ensure that agents are equipped with the right tools to deliver quality customer service. Learn more about LiveVox call center dialing solutions to see which one best suits your company’s needs. 

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