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April 19, 2017

Solving the Secure Payment Line Challenge

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For any contact center handling payments, the ability to secure payment data is not only critical, it is quickly increasing in difficulty and, more importantly, cost.

In our last blog, Avoid the PCI Security Rabbit Hole, we discussed this increase and the capital-intensive complexities of attempting to address them in a hardware environment – costing anywhere from hundreds of thousands, to millions. Adding to this challenge is the fluid nature of PCI certifications – attempting to meet continuously shifting goals with stagnant hardware is incredibly difficult and even more expensive.

In view of these challenges, some are relying on a significantly less stringent self-certification validation for security instead of a 3rd party Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). It is important to be aware of the difference as mentioned in this blog, PCI Certification Vs. PCI Compliance: Know The Difference.

Addressing Payment Security with On-Demand Cloud Solutions

Cloud is changing how contact centers approach security by helping offload a vast majority of the financial and resource burden of obtaining and maintaining PCI certifications through on-demand solutions that provide some of the highest levels of payment security.

LiveVox is at the forefront of this effort with its cloud-based PCI-DSS QSA certified platform that empowers clients to not only leverage 3rd party certified payment lines on-demand, but also take security one step further with Secure Payment Capture. Secure Payment capture is an integrated payment IVR that automatically blocks an agent’s audio or visual exposure to payment data and pauses any recording of sensitive information. The consumer is seamlessly connected back to the agent upon payment completion.

By alleviating the burden of obtaining and maintaining PCI-certification, contact centers can now focus on transforming their payment processes into a competitive advantage.

Here’s how….

Addressing Consumer Trends

Only when security can be ensured can a contact center even begin addressing changes in consumer payment trends. Of which, the top trends are the demand for self-service and adoption of multi-channel. Being able to address these consumer preferences while maintaining PCI-certification is yet another challenge cloud is at the forefront of solving.

Enabling Secure Self-Service Payments

For consumers, self-service means empowerment and faster resolutions. For contact centers, self-service translates into significant reductions in resource requirements. Yet despite the win-win that self-service provides, implementing it, especially to securely handle payments, is incredibly difficult – and once again incredibly costly.

Why? Put simply…..

Integrating an IVR into a legacy environment takes time and money. Integrating a 3rd-party payment application into an IVR – that is also integrated into a legacy environment – takes even more time and money. Maintaining PCI-DSS security certifications across all the aforementioned integrations, takes overcoming a shifting Mt. Everest of challenges – possible, but incredibly challenging and costly. It is therefore no surprise that enabling self-service remains a top trend for 2017*.

Cloud eliminates a vast majority of these challenges through cloud-based integrations – turning Mt. Everest into a mound. LiveVox, for example, empowers clients with the ability to provide consumers the option to facilitate payments through an agent-assisted or entirely self-service function – both of which leverage LiveVox’s PCI-DSS QSA certified platform. Here’s how they work:

  • Agent-Assisted: An agent is connected with the consumer and helps the consumer facilitate a payment via Secure Payment Capture (described above). Once the payment is complete, or if the consumer needs assistance, they are connected back to the agent.
  • Self-Service: A consumer completes a payment without the assistance of an agent by leveraging an integrated IVR tied directly into a payment processor such as BillingTree. If a consumer wishes to speak with an agent, they can be seamlessly connected to an available agent with full account information

And most importantly for contact center managers, LiveVox’s self-service payment functions are easily configured on-demand in a simple drag-and-drop call workflow with pre-defined modules as seen below:






Self-service isn’t the only thing changing in consumer behavior – any chance you’re reading this on your cell phone?

Empowering Channel of Choice for Secure Payments

Despite consumers moving rapidly to a multi-channel environment, for hardware-dependent contact centers, the path to a multi-channel evolution has proven slow, complex, and expensive. The underlying challenges handicapping contact centers from maintaining PCI-certifications and enabling self-service also apply to expanding contact channels. Why?

Imagine the complex hardware environment currently required just to manage a single voice channel, each additional channel is a multiplier of the complexity and costs of that voice environment – even before addressing payment security requirements.

And yet, to optimize your consumer interaction opportunities, multi-channel is a must. In fact, Visa predicts that mobile-supported payments will be the standard by 2020.

In this arena, cloud once again is leading the charge. Cloud enables contact centers to easily create a multi-channel payment campaign that combine voice, SMS and Email channels while leveraging Webapps/Disposable apps. Webapps/Disposable apps automatically direct consumers to a 3rd -party payment portal across multiple channels. LiveVox for example enables contact centers to easily create multi-touch, multi-channel payment campaigns. An example of which is shown on the below.

A contact center can initiate a customized SMS alert with a Disposable app that enables the consumer to (1) make a payment directly on their phone or, if the consumer prefers, (2) speak directly with a blended agent to facilitate payment over a PCI-DSS QSA certified payment line. LiveVox can also expand this campaign to include emails.

For consumers, the process is secure and the experience is unified. For contact centers, the campaign is simple and on-demand.

Campaigns such as this accelerate a contact center’s ability to empower their consumers to make a payment via their channel of choice.

What Does the Future Hold?

Security requirements and consumer demand continues to change at an unprecedented pace. This change of pace is threatening the viability of contact centers who remain reliant on capital-intensive and stagnant hardware ecosystems – especially for those who facilitate consumer payments.

Cloud is offering contact centers who are facing these challenges a path to offload a vast majority of the burden and costs with plug-and-play tools that provide some of the highest payment security solutions at the lowest cost point and across multiple channels.

To learn more, speak with one of our technology experts today. Email us at Don’t get left exposed!


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