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Improve Your Business With Personalization And Channels of Choice

Your customers want to feel valued, appreciated, and treated like a person, not a piece of data. They expect you to anticipate their needs, know how they prefer to use your products or services, and make it quick and easy to get the help they need.

Challenges To Personalized Engagement And How To Solve Them

More than ever before, leading contact centers are using customer feedback and data to deliver personalized customer service that stands out from the rest. But, there are a few common pitfalls that can prevent a contact center from succeeding. See what we mean below.

Too Much Focus On Product Vs. People?

Not Sure Which Metrics Matter Most?

Struggling To Meet Customer Expectations?

Does Your CX Feel Disconnected?

Complex Processes Holding Back Your People?

Solution: Tap Into Your Customers And Employees

  1. Your brand lives and dies by your customers and employees
  2. Customers have higher expectations, less patience, and they canand will switch brands
  3. Data is great, but you need to see customers and employeesas people, not numbers, you can give them an experience that’s convenient, easy, and leads to more satisfaction and loyalty
  4. Knowing what people want and need helps you drive retention and repeat business
  5. The right cloud platform gives you what you need to make life easier for everyone

Find Out How To Make People The Priority

Solution: Focus On KPIs That Drive ROI

  1. ⬇️ Response Time 
  2. ⬇️ Call Abandonment Rate 
  3. ⬆️ First Contact Resolution 
  4. ⬆️ Self-Service Rate 
  5. ⬆️ CES & CSAT 
  6. ⬆️ Revenue Per Interaction

Find Out How To Prioritize The Right KPIs

Solution: Deliver Frictionless Self-Service On Their Terms

  1. To make things feel personal / easy for customers, put yourself in their shoes
  2. Do segmentation analysis for a deeper understanding of their thinking / behavior
  3. Get a 360° view of your customer data so you can engage how / when they want
  4. Add virtual agents, webchat / chatbots, advanced IVR, and a 24/7 knowledge center
  5. Create loyal customers with interactions that flow cross-channel, especially digital

Find Out How To Exceed Customer Expectations

Solution: Connect All Interactions To Nurture And Assist

  1. Sync key customer data across channels / apps into one database / pane of glass
  2. Create unified, holistic customer profiles with insight across the customer journey
  3. Link customer history / profile data + segmentation / targeting to drive inbound traffic
  4. Track inbound / outbound customer journeys and help agents add personal touches
  5. Deliver tailored, actionable, and consistent conversations across channels

Find Out How To Connect It All Together

Solution: Simplify And Automate Agent Workflows

  1. Give agents the tools, strategies, and data-driven insights they need to succeed
  2. Use a full cloud suite configurable to your contact center’s unique requirements
  3. Orchestrate multiple systems, data streams, modules, APIs, partners, and more
  4. Use AI to guide agent behavior and present the best options to customers
  5. Remember: automated workflows should be easy to build and easy to optimize

Find Out How To Set Up Agents For Success

The Contact Center Platform
That Helps You Improve Personalization

Keeping up with the pace of change in customer communications is a constant challenge. With LiveVox’s cloud contact center platform, you can redefine customer engagement and deliver game-changing performance.

Omnichannel / AI
  • Meet Customers On Their Channels Of Choice
  • Provide AI-Powered Self-Service Options
  • Voice, Chat, SMS, Email, And More

Outbound Dialing
  • Four Manual And Automated Systems
  • Performance And Efficiency Gains
  • Compliance Risk Mitigation

Inbound Voice
  • Self-Service Options
  • Seamless Customer Journeys
  • Boost Agent Efficiency

  • Data-Led Campaign / Targeting Tools
  • Cross-Channel Visibility / Reporting
  • Interaction History In Full HTML

  • Real-Time Conversations
  • Match Your Website’s Look And Feel
  • Integrates With AI Chatbots

2-Way / Mass SMS
  • Individual Or Bulk Messages
  • Automate Using AI
  • Compliance Controls

  • Like HCI®, But For SMS
  • TCPA-Focused And Cost-Effective
  • More ROI, Less Risk

  • Seamless Integration
  • Access 2 Billion Users
  • All From One Screen

Multichannel Chatbots
  • AI-Enabled Self-Service
  • Provide 24/7/365 Support
  • For Webchat And SMS

Intelligent Virtual Agents
  • Fast, Accurate Self-Service
  • No Code, No Engineering
  • Assist Live Agent Escalation

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Drag-And-Drop Workflows
  • Over 40 Modules Available
  • Best Practice Templates

Customer-Centric Campaigns
  • Robust Segmentation / Targeting
  • Links Channels, Data, Plus History
  • Tailored Workflows / Ticketing

360° Customer Profiles & History
  • Full Picture Of Your Customers
  • Sync Info Across Systems
  • Update Profiles In Real-Time

Configurable Agent Desktop
  • Single Pane Of Glass View
  • Clean, Efficient User Interface
  • Automatic Screen Pops

Knowledge Center
  • Encourage Customer Self-Service
  • Free Up Agent Bandwidth
  • Web Widget And Agent Desktop

Segmentation & Targeting
  • Create Dynamic Campaign Lists
  • Persona Groups And Journeys
  • Based On 360° Customer Profiles

Integrated Agent Workflows
  • Weave Systems And Data Streams
  • Intelligent And Automated
  • Easy To Build, Easy To Fine-Tune

Omnichannel CSAT
  • Survey On Digital Or Voice Channels
  • Automate Response Actions
  • Integrates With Contact Center CRM

Complete Product List
  • Channels, AI, Contact Center CRM, WEM Tools
  • Seamless Integration, Frictionless Experiences
  • Highest Risk Mitigation And Data Security Levels

What Are Key Features Of A Customer Self-Service Platform?

Self-service in the contact center is more in demand than ever. To make sure you give customers the best experience possible, a cloud platform solution should offer:

  • Content searching capabilities
  • Customizable interfaces that can be tailored to fit a contact center’s brand guidelines and agent desktop needs
  • Automated processes that direct customers to the information they need through chatbots, knowledge bases, and intelligent virtual assistants.

Contact center self service software typically funnel customer requests through interactive tools such as omnichannel chatbots and intelligent virtual agents to:

  • Provide an extra layer of convenience for customers
  • Enable customer interactions using natural language processing
  • Retrieve up-to-date information from your CRM, system of record, or website to present it in an accessible format for your customers 

Lastly, customer self-service systems can also be employed to decrease contact load with enhanced analytics, which:

  • Equips you with analytic insights into what functions are most frequently used
  • Allows you to optimize employee resources and create a seamless journey for customers

How Does Self-Service Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Contact center self-service provides customers with access to a wealth of information at their fingertips, allowing them to quickly locate answers to their questions and inquiries:

  • This leads to improved satisfaction since customers can solve simple issues without having to wait for contact center agent assistance
  • Contact centers that utilize self-service tools are also able to realize significant workflow improvements by reducing the number of support requests and freeing up staff for more complex tasks
  • Additionally, customers enjoy how easily they can address their own inquiries with the use of these helpful self service technologies

These types of tools are also becoming an increasingly popular way of boosting customer satisfaction scores:

  • They offer customers a convenient, personalized, and 24/7 experience, allowing them to quickly obtain the information they need in a timely manner
  • In addition to improved customer satisfaction, contact centers that utilize self-service tools can experience significant efficiency improvements in their workflows as they enable customers to find answers on their own as opposed to having agents answer each request
  • Also helps reduce operating costs by automating more tasks, leading customers to feel like they are being better taken care of due to the amount of attention and resources the company has invested in providing quality service

Customers appreciate these services for their simplicity, convenience, and accuracy—gaining rapid access to timely information without having to wait or talk to someone. Contact center self service is quickly becoming a key element of customer service strategies aimed at delivering top-notch customer experiences.

What Advantages Does A Cloud-Based CCaaS Offer?

Digital transformation in contact centers is rapidly changing the way customer service is managed and delivered:

By implementing new technology and automation with providers like LiveVox, you can streamline your operations while providing customers with an efficient and personalized experience:

  • Transitioning from traditional hardware-based contact center solutions to cloud-based contact center applications
  • Incorporating analytics tools for quality assurance
  • Adding conversational AI for more accurate customer understanding and segmentation
  • Implementing intelligent workflow technologies like LiveVox’s Integrated Agent Workflows for better task management

To deliver a modern customer-centric experience, you must be able to make real-time decisions during customer interactions, based on data collected during the digital transformation process.

Ultimately, digital transformation can create significant improvements in areas such as customer satisfaction ratings and performance metrics.

How Can I Use Contact Center Analytics To Improve CX?

Contact center self-service software should be easy to use, quick to implement, and put the customer’s experience first:

  • People choose LiveVox because our approach combines customer support best practices with technology to help you reduce customer effort and frustration by accessing 24/7 help
  • We offer you a suite of digital, AI-optimized channels including webchat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Virtual Agents so you can evolve your website and transform legacy systems like outdated IVRs and ACDs
  • You can use our purpose-built CRM to incorporate customer profile and account data into support workflows so each interaction is intentional and unique to your customers

Our contact center self-service software also includes a knowledge center that helps teams close the information gap inside and outside of their contact center:

  • The LiveVox Knowledge Center is a fully-fledged knowledge management solution that provides click-of-a-button desktop access so agents can reference and share helpful content with customers while interacting over email, SMS, or chat sessions
  • Can help deflect repetitive questions and lower inbound costs when integrated with contact center self-service channels like Webchat
  • Simply create a pick list of FAQs and link customers to Knowledge Center articles—it’s that easy

How Can LiveVox Help Me With Digital Transformation?

With LiveVox platform, you get a full suite of integrated digital transformation solutions:

  • Our next generation contact center platform supplies you with powerful, hybrid contact center solutions that combine both LiveVox cloud contact center features as well as digital transformation capabilities
  • Through the use of our dynamic tools such as advanced routing, predictive analytics, intelligent, AI-backed omnichannel and more, you’re empowered to deliver more personalized customer experiences and greater operational efficiency

LiveVox also provides automated self-serve channels such as IVR, SMS, and Intelligent Virtual Agents that allow customers and contact centers to engage faster in their preferred channel:

  • These advancements enable you to stay on top of industry best practices and provide a seamless customer experience for every single interaction
  • With LiveVox, you’re able to increase customer engagement while simultaneously reducing average handle time

Our next generation contact center platform is designed to optimize contact center operations and performance by:

  • Consolidating channels
  • Improving customer service
  • Streamlining contact processes
  • Providing an intuitive user experience with comprehensive reporting capabilities

When you adopt our customer engagement solution, you get cutting-edge technologies that enable exceptional customer experiences and support your goals.

Our platform is cost-effective and easy to optimize because it unites traditional channels along with popular digital channels such as:

  • Webchat
  • SMS messaging
  • Online self-service portals with integrated voice solutions like IVR & ACD

LiveVox gives you what you need to consistently deliver on digital transformation goals as a reliable, and reputable, part of your contact center operations.


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