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LiveVox Solutions | Platform Capabilities

Improve Customer Experience

Prioritizing the actions necessary to deliver better customer experiences can be challenging. LiveVox combines best practices and technology to help drive your customer experience initiatives.

Solution: Digital Conversations

Empower Digital Conversations

Customer service is shifting to digital. Give mobile customers an alternative to phone calls by empowering interactions with an agent via SMS, Email, Wechat.

Solution: IVR

Improve First Call Resolutions

Minimize repeat calls by leveraging customer data and interaction history in your IVR to facilitate call authentication and optimize routing accuracy.

Solution: Ticketing

Streamline Service Experience

Combine omnichannel interaction history into flexible tickets to create continuous conversations with your customers across channels, incidents, and agent workgroups.

Solution: Agent Desktops

Minimize Service Times

Facilitate faster service resolutions by providing agents with a desktop that eliminates toggling between applications to deliver more efficient talk-offs.

Tip Sheet

How to Use Customer Data to Optimize CX

Being more anticipatory can help to expand rather than constrict your customer service abilities. Did you know that harvesting customer data and feedback can help you be more anticipatory of your customer’s needs? Find out how by downloading this tip sheet.

How to Use Data To Improve the Customer Journey

Find the Right Bundle Solution For You

Every contact center is different and searching for the right combination of capabilities for your contact center can be overwhelming. LiveVox has crafted five value-based bundles designed to improve the customer and agent experience based on our work helping companies like yours. Explore the solutions below to find the best match for your organization.

Cloud IVR

I want a cloud-based IVR with digital options.

Inbound Contact Center

I want to improve my inbound customer service.

Outbound Campaigns and Compliance

I want to run omnichannel campaigns & mitigate risk.

Speech Analytics

I want to improve CX and compliance with analytics.

Two-Way Messaging

I want to have two-way digital conversations.

Learn about LiveVox’s customer engagement platform

Download this brochure for a comprehensive view of LiveVox’s capabilities.

LiveVox Platform Brochure

Why Choose LiveVox?

Better Customer Experience

Agents engage via configurable workflows in tailored desktops with the enrichment of key consumer profile and interaction history to provide superior customer experiences.

One Unified Platform

All LiveVox capabilities are accessed via a single, secure, cloud-based platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers.

Easy Integration

Supplement rather than replace your existing systems of record and CRMs via our open APIs so agents get up and running quickly.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Drive performance and stay on top of security requirements while also reducing operational and capital expenditures.

Mitigate Risk

Comprehensive compliance controls including consent and revocation management as well as CTIA, TCPA, and CAN-SPAM regulations.

Customer Channels of Choice

Engage with customers in the places they want to be including Voice, Email, SMS, and Web Chat and unite all conversations.