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Boost The Agent Experience And Make Your Agents Successful

Your frontline agents are the backbone of your contact center. It pays to train, coach, and support your teams because happy, successful agents are the key to satisfied, loyal customers.

Challenges To Agent Success And How To Solve Them

Frustrated, disengaged agents miss more work, are less productive, and often end up quitting because of frustrations with tools and software. Below, see the main challenges to agent success and solutions for empowering them with the right technology and support.

Agents Struggling With Tools / Software?

Disconnected From Your Team Day-To-Day?

Need Better Ways To Develop Skills?

Is Complexity Hurting Productivity?

Difficult Conversations And Delayed Responses?

Solution: Tailor Agent Workspaces And Automate Workflows

  1. Give agents an intuitive desktop experience that’s easy to use and optimize
  2. Deliver key tools, apps, and systems for solving customer issues in a single pane of glass
  3. Equip agents with quick access to helpful information while removing clutter and “noise”
  4. Sequence key activities and pull together data streams into intelligent and automated workflows

Find Out How To Orchestrate The Right Tools And Tech

Solution: Add Communication And Collaboration Tools

  1. Remember: today’s digital-savvy agents use the latest tech to communicate and collaborate in their own lives; they expect to have the same types of efficient tools at work
  2. Provide agents with connected tools to understand, improve, and manage their workloads while receiving high-quality feedback
  3. Foster open communication and a collaborative environment by enabling seamless interaction among dispersed teams, departments, agents, and supervisors

Find Out How To Keep Your Team Connected

Solution: Create A Continuous Coaching And Feedback Loop

  1. Agents, like customers, want experiences tailored to their individual wants and needs
  2. Use speech analytics and automated quality management to gain meaningful insight
  3. Deliver targeted 1-to-1 coaching and customized eLearning to expand agent skills

Find Out How To Take Agents To The Next Level

Solution: Simplify Things With AI And Automation

  1. Keep in mind: the job of an agent is getting even harder with greater complexity and higher customer expectations
  2. Make it easier for agents to be successful by supporting them with automation and real-time Agent Assist capabilities
  3. Eliminate unnecessary desktop clutter, repetitive tasks, and guesswork from each interaction

Find Out How To Optimize Agent Experience

Solution: Guide Agents With Best Practice Resources

  1. Don’t forget: customer interactions are increasingly complex, which impacts agent satisfaction, performance, and onboarding times
  2. Provide customizable scripts that automatically pull insight from 3rd-party apps to scale best practices and ease agent frustrations 
  3. Make it easy for agents to find, reference, and share helpful content quickly and easily that can speed up service resolution times

Find Out How To Use Agent-Centric Best Practices

The Contact Center Platform
That Helps You Boost Agent Experience

Keeping up with the pace of change in customer communications is a constant challenge. With LiveVox’s cloud contact center platform, you can redefine customer engagement and deliver game-changing performance.

Integrated Agent Workflows
  • Weave Systems And Data Streams
  • Intelligent And Automated
  • Easy To Build, Easy To Fine-Tune

LiveVox Connect
  • Collaboration App For Support Teams
  • Simplify Access To Vital Info
  • Agents Stay Connected Wherever They Are

Workforce Management (WFM)
  • One Unified Workspace For Everyone
  • Smart Data For Smart Staffing
  • Adjust Schedules On The Fly

Business Performance & Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics Dashboards
  • Data / Insights Refresh Every 2 Hours
  • Access Over 150 Reports

Speech Analytics
  • Search And Score All Interactions
  • Track / Identify Changes In Sentiment
  • Learn Customer Intents And Optimize

Coaching & eLearning
  • Assign And Track Training Tasks
  • Provide Highly-Detailed Feedback
  • Measure Progress Over Time

Omnichannel CSAT
  • Survey On Digital Or Voice Channels
  • Automate Response Actions
  • Integrates With Contact Center CRM

Call & Screen Recording
  • Record And Play Back Everything
  • Score And Add Notes Or Comments
  • No Manually Redacting Payment Info

Quality & Compliance Management
  • Monitor 100% Of Interactions
  • Custom Scorecards And Filters
  • Reduce Risk Across Channels

Configurable Agent Desktop
  • Single Pane Of Glass View
  • Clean, Efficient User Interface
  • Automatic Screen Pops

Agent Assist
  • Smart Automation / Live Agent Guidance
  • Automated After-Call Work
  • Real-Time Speech-to-Text Transcription / Processing

Agent Scripting
  • Dynamic, Trigger-Based Scripts
  • Get Agents Up To Speed Fast
  • Guide Them With Key Info

Work Center
  • Dynamically Updated, Centralized Agent Hub
  • Tasks, Alerts, Coaching, And eLearning
  • Keep Agents Organized And On Task

Knowledge Center
  • Encourage Customer Self-Service
  • Free Up Agent Bandwidth
  • Web Widget And Agent Desktop

  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Performance Insights And Alerts
  • Real-Time Big Screen Display

Agent Scheduling
  • Easily Managed, Automated Schedules
  • Drag-And-Drop / On-Demand / Real-Time
  • Integrate Your CRM, Forecasting, And WFM

Complete Product List
  • Channels, AI, Contact Center CRM, WEM Tools
  • Seamless Integration, Frictionless Experiences
  • Highest Risk Mitigation And Data Security Levels

Why Is Agent Turnover So High And What Can I Do?

Call and contact centers experience a high rate of employee turnover, averaging around 40% to 45% according to the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI). This is higher than the national average in many countries at 17.8%.

Many people are attracted to call centers due to the relatively high compensation and job security, but there are other factors that come into play that can make agents feel dissatisfied and cause them to leave

  • There is often confusion over commission structure
  • An impersonal atmosphere
  • Feelings of being unsupported by contact center management

To reduce agent turnover, contact centers should prioritize the happiness of their employees by implementing support systems, such as:

  • Training programs
  • Career ladder approaches
  • Recognition for quality work

Acknowledging agent contribution can significantly increase morale amongst employees and result in decreased turnover. Conduct continuous monitoring to ensure you’re prioritizing employee satisfaction:

  • Managers should get to know each agent individually and develop positive relationships with them
  • Feedback loops should provide helpful suggestions and target areas for improvement
  • Main goals are to achieve higher esteem in the workplace and a lower turnover rate

How Can LiveVox Help Me Reduce Agent Turnover?

There are several effective ways LiveVox helps you reduce agent turnover.

1. A comprehensive contact center quality management suite

  • With LiveVox, your managers can track, monitor, and improve agents performance with real-time speech analytics
  • This feature provides instant information on everything from the customer experiences to contact resolution rates
  • Helps you spot areas of improvement and ensure that agents are meeting goals 

    2. Customer sentiment analysis

    • Understand and act on insights fast to enhance relationships with customers
    • Goal is to increase retention rates by investing in agent training
    • Also drive growth by improving CX with deeper understanding

      3. Give your team flexibility to create positive CX on every call in real-time

      • Speech analytics is a key part of this offering, allowing supervisors to gain valuable insights into calls quickly and easily
      • This makes it easier to identify moments when an agent could have performed better and become a more effective communicator
      • By providing feedback in a timely and consistent manner, agents feel cared for, which encourages them to remain at the company for longer

      Ultimately, LiveVox’s quality management tools improve customer experience and employee retention, both of which are critical for success.

      How Does LiveVox Make It Easy To Onboard New Agents?

      LiveVox empowers contact centers to keep agent retention high by making onboarding and training simple:

      • At LiveVox we work with you to understand the requirements of your specific contact center(s)
      • Then we collaborate to streamline your entire agent process, from onboarding to agent desktop optimization, to upskilling
      • This helps you reduce agent turnover by creating a system with robust content that agents can access anytime

      Once agents are onboard, LiveVox’s eLearning capabilities enable your agents to stay up-to-date on product offerings and best practices after they’re onboarded. This way, you can make sure new agents are delivering quality customer service from day one and keep veteran employees at the top of their game.


      Agent Experience Is Underrated

      Read this ebook to understand why great CX starts behind the scenes and what to do about it.

      What Are Your Advantages With LiveVox?

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      + End-To-End SLA / High Availability And Enterprise-Grade Security

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