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Cloud Security and Resiliency Is In Our DNA

With over 20 years of experience meeting the needs of companies in highly regulated industries, handling sensitive information, and meeting regulatory requirements are second nature to us. We can help carry that burden for you. LiveVox has a dedicated Security team that ensures the highest levels of information security.

People, Process, and Technology

Our approach to security and business continuity is embedded across every aspect of our organization. From our dedicated security team and continuous process improvements to ongoing technology developments and certifications, protecting your customer data and operations is one of our key competitive advantages.

Cloud Security

Our certifications

The LiveVox solution supports both public and private cloud deployments, offering a high level of security while lifting the burden of managing certifications and security in the cloud from our clients. 

LiveVox supports a variety of data protection standards, laws, regulations, in addition to being reviewed by third-party auditors. Examples include PCI DSS and (AICPA) SOC 2. Our security policies and architecture are also designed to follow NIST guides and standards OWASP which provides the basis for compliance with standards such as HIPAA, FISMA, FedRAMP among others.

Centralized Compliance

Bolster and Extend Your BCDR Strategy

Whether responding to hardware or software failures, human error or a natural disaster, LiveVox can help extend your recovery capabilities. LiveVox operates in Virtual Private Cloud environments with presence in geo-diverse regional environments across North America in Amazon Web Services.

The LiveVox Platform architecture inherently supports high availability (HA), leveraging highly resilient and redundant pooled services and application components. We’ve designed reliable and seamless failover into every level of our systems, with periodic testing, change control, and data center resilience to help deal with any event and recover quickly.


We Invest in Security So You Can Focus on Your Business

See how moving to LiveVox’s cloud platform offloads traditional security expenses.

LiveVox Secure Payment Capture Product Brief
Centralized Compliance

Benefit from a Multi-Faceted Approach to Security

LiveVox utilizes strict controls over customer data across every facet of our platform and organization. This includes:

  • Network security
  • Application Security
  • Data Security
  • System Security
  • Physical security
  • Code Review & Software Development Lifecycle.
Unify Conversations

Dedicated security team

LiveVox employs an experienced team of cloud security experts who continue to improve our security posture. They handle a variety of factors impacting cloud security including:

  • Encryption
  • Identity and access management
  • Firewalls
  • Cloud server management
  • Security policy standardization and adherence
  • Business and disaster recovery plans
  • User and employee education
  • Client audit fulfillment.
Centralized Compliance

Leverage the Latest Encryption Standards

LiveVox encrypts all customer data rather than encrypting only specific data elements. LiveVox leverages AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and 256-bit encryption where applicable. We maintain current versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS) following PCI DSS, NIST, and (SP) 800-53 r4 requirements. Our encryption procedures cover both encryption at-rest and in-transit.

“Frictionless communication is key to our organization. LiveVox not only keeps customer and client data safe, but it also simplifies the experience as we navigate the digital ecosystem.”

VP, Strategic Development, Business Servicer

Why LiveVox?

Learn why leading contact centers chose LiveVox for their Omnichannel, CRM, AI, and Workforce Engagement Management solutions.

Frictionless Agent & Customer Experiences

Easily improve customer service and shift customer engagement between voice and digital channels while unifying all interaction history, customer profile information, and controls into a tailored agent desktop that improves effectiveness and speed.

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One Unified Platform

All LiveVox contact center operations are accessed via a single, secure cloud-based platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers.

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Comprehensive Risk Mitigation

LiveVox simplifies risk management with embedded compliance controls spanning CTIA, CAN-SPAM, CFPB, PCI, and other compliance-related considerations.

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Easy Integration

Supplement rather than replace your existing systems of record and CRMs using our simplified API approach, so agents get up and running quickly.

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Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Drive performance and stay on top of security requirements with a TCO model that also avoids unnecessary technology, minimizes the need for costly professional services, and offloads security costs.

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A Partnership You Can Trust

LiveVox contact center solutions will support your unique business goals with a continuously evolving platform, in-depth training, dedicated account managers, our Customer Care Team, and Business Consulting sessions.

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LiveVox is proud to be both PCI and SOC 2 Compliant.