Information Security

LiveVox has a dedicated Security team ensuring that secure features and systems are built in at every stage. With 15 years’ experience of the needs of highly regulated industries, handling sensitive information and ensuring regulatory compliance are second nature to us. We can help carry that burden.

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Our Certifications

LiveVox focuses on best practices that translate to compliance with many aspects of a variety of standards across industries and we continuously evaluate the need for new certifications based upon customer feedback and industry best practices.

LiveVox holds current certifications for the latest PCI-DSS (3rd Party certified) and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) SOC 2. LiveVox routinely undergoes assessments and audits by our customers, often on behalf of their own customers.

our approach

The LiveVox solution supports both public and private cloud deployments, offering a high level of security, while lifting the burden of managing certifications and security in the cloud from our customers. LiveVox provides a multi-layer defense network, secure credit card transactions and encrypted credit card payment data. Our focus on security around people, process and technology minimizes the cost and improves the strength of your defense.

Data Recovery in the Cloud

The cloud provides new possibilities for data recovery and business continuity. LiveVox designed reliable and seamless failover into every level of our systems, with periodic testing, change control, and data center resilience to help deal with any event and recover quickly. Whether responding to hardware or software failures, human error or natural disaster, LiveVox provides highly available systems backed by our reliability and can help extend your recovery capabilities.

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