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Connect to Key Data Sources and Avoid Complex Integrations

Our built-in CRM connects and unifies key customer data across important sources including Salesforce, Zoho, and other proprietary systems, enabling you to automate workflows, improve CX, and make faster decisions.

Seamlessly Connect the Systems You Rely On

If you can access it via a web browser, we can connect it to your workflow. Our approach to integration lets you unlock new value from existing systems by providing a simplified path to incorporate any application, internal or third-party. Pull data from existing systems and feed it back to other teams or tools using our low-code, no-code integration approach.

Product Release

LiveVox Contact Center for Salesforce®

This exciting integration provides a single user interface for agents to access inbound and outbound voice functionality from LiveVox within the Salesforce CRM, resulting in more streamlined and effective sales and service.

LiveVox WFO Extended Overview

“Custom development was an utter disaster with our legacy solution. We would have to write custom code to make a call through their platform, get the phone number, or do a lookup and then half the time the code didn’t even work. With LiveVox, there’s no dev work. All you need to do is get an input file into the system on an SFTP site and it’s done. Boom!”

— Senior Director of Operations, Financial Services

Source: Interviewed for the Total Economic Impact™ of LiveVox’s Contact Center Platform

“With LiveVox, I don’t have to task our IT administrator with managing all these systems and interfaces anymore. You can just give them your LiveVox login, your LiveVox text, and your LiveVox email system, and he only needs to worry about the next version coming out. That goes a long way.”

— COO, Financial Services

Source: Interviewed for the Total Economic Impact™ of LiveVox’s Contact Center Platform

“One person in our business can now manage what we’re doing because we’ve been able to automate everything with LiveVox. Before, three to five people were supporting these manual processes, plus outside vendors, just to maintain the operational administration of the system.”

— Senior Director of Operations, Financial Services

Source: Interviewed for the Total Economic Impact™ of LiveVox’s Contact Center Platform

Unified Platform

Unlock the full potential of your tech stack

Our integration paths help customers modernize their operations by connecting disparate systems through our unified CRM. Easily leverage third-party applications to personalize customer interactions, adopt new tools, or connect existing ones.

Learn more about how our CRM solution helps unify disparate applications.

Empowered Agents

Let agents focus on delivering delightful experiences

If you can access it via a web browser, we can connect it to your agent’s desktop. LiveVox provides a number of ways to incorporate traditionally disparate applications into a single point of reference for your agents to service customer inquiries.

Learn more about LiveVox’s Configurable Agent Desktops.

Eliminate Data Silos

Take advantage of our Developer Portal

To help developers find what they need, LiveVox created a dedicated portal that contains key information on LiveVox’s APIs, Documentation, and Use Cases. The portal also contains best practices such as an API Quick Start Guide that gives developers an overview of the environment, how to get started, sample collections, and more.

Learn more about LiveVox’s developer resources.

Easy Integrations

Team up with our experienced integration experts

In case you need additional support, LiveVox offers professional services that can assist you. LiveVox’s integration experts are composed of technology veterans with backgrounds in a diverse array of cloud and legacy contact center solutions. They will work to understand your goals and assist you in implementing a strategy that meets your specific business goals.

Learn more about our consulting services.

Product Brief

Achieve Faster ROI With A Unified CRM

LiveVox’s CRM functionality makes it easier to integrate separate applications, data, and workflows. Learn more by downloading this brief.

LiveVox Platform Brochure

Why LiveVox?

Learn why leading contact centers chose LiveVox for their Omnichannel, CRM, AI, and Workforce Engagement Management solutions.

Frictionless Agent & Customer Experiences

Easily improve customer service and shift customer engagement between voice and digital channels while unifying all interaction history, customer profile information, and controls into a tailored agent desktop that improves effectiveness and speed.

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One Unified Platform

All LiveVox contact center operations are accessed via a single, secure cloud-based platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers.

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Comprehensive Risk Mitigation

LiveVox simplifies risk management with embedded compliance controls spanning CTIA, CAN-SPAM, CFPB, PCI, and other compliance-related considerations.

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Easy Integration

Supplement rather than replace your existing systems of record and CRMs using our simplified API approach, so agents get up and running quickly.

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Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Drive performance and stay on top of security requirements with a TCO model that also avoids unnecessary technology, minimizes the need for costly professional services, and offloads security costs.

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A Partnership You Can Trust

LiveVox contact center solutions will support your unique business goals with a continuously evolving platform, in-depth training, dedicated account managers, our Customer Care Team, and Business Consulting sessions.

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LiveVox is proud to be both PCI and SOC 2 Compliant.