Introducing LiveVox Agent Assist:

An Always-On AI Sidekick Here to Help You and Your Agents Succeed

On-Demand Webinar:

In this webinar LiveVox introduces a new easy to use and understand AI assistant, fully integrated into the Agent Desktop, tailor-made to support you and your agents’ success – Agent Assist. 

Even the most skilled and experienced contact center leaders can’t do it alone. They are reliant on the teams that they manage – the success of individual agents is what makes up the success of the whole contact center.

But, building and managing great teams is more challenging than ever, and agents’ jobs are becoming more complex as customers expectations increase.

LiveVox Agent Assist is here to support your and your teams’ success.

An always-there partner for your agents, it monitors and analyzes ongoing voice conversations to provide:

  • Key recommendations throughout the call: Supporting excellent service, best practices, upsell, compliance, and more
  • A live, speaker–separated call transcript: For easy reference and clarity of understanding (no need for customers to repeat info)
  • Automated post-call notes: Reducing the need for agents to talk and type simultaneously; automatically linked to the customer record
  • Automated actions: Triggering alerts, continuing workflows, and pushing key information across the LiveVox platform.

You and your agents don’t need to go it alone. Find out everything there is to know about your new partner-in-success, Agent Assist, in LiveVox’s webinar.

Featured Speakers

Boris Grinshpun

VP of Product Strategy

Jason Queener

Senior Director, Business Consulting