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Forrester Study Shows a 229% ROI and Payback in Less Than 6 Months with LiveVox’s Contact Center Platform

LiveVox commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to evaluate the return on investment for contact centers that use LiveVox’s Contact Center Platform, powered by a purpose-built CRM.

The risk-adjusted results include:

  • A 229% ROI and net present value of $8.72M over three years
  • $6.7M in cost savings from call deflection and reduced AHT over three years
  • Increased operating income by $1.3M over three years
  • $1.5M in cost savings by replacing legacy solutions
  • Payback in less than 6 months.


Download the full study to learn why LiveVox’s Contact Center Platform is a smart investment.

LiveVox [Forrester TEI Study / first 3 pages]

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“I can tell you without a doubt that our contact rates have improved, our sales rates have improved, and we probably wouldn’t have survived 2020 without LiveVox.”

—Senior director of operations, consumer finance

“LiveVox is an omnichannel solution that gives us a full view of each customer’s journey. We can be efficient and nimble now while empowering our agents with the tools and data they need to be successful.”

—COO, financial services