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Doing More With Less: Overcoming Contact Center Workforce Challenges in Financial Services

About This Webinar:

It’s more difficult and expensive than ever to recruit and maintain an effective agent workforce, but the pressure in the Financial Services industry to be more productive, drive revenue, minimize risk, and improve service only increases.

With a potential recession on the horizon, this can increase delinquency rates for existing lines of credit and drive an even greater demand for loans and credit cards—resulting in higher call volumes, more revenue generating opportunities, and added pressure to drive up efficiency.

How can Financial Services providers do more with fewer resources, and without revenue, service, or productivity taking a back seat?

In this 30-minute session, Financial Services industry experts will share a practical digital transformation framework, operational best practices, and real-life success stories to help you reach your goals, regardless of resource limitations.

What you’ll learn:

  • How ongoing workforce and economic challenges are impacting the Financial Services industry.
  • Ways to leverage automation and a simple yet impactful digital transformation framework to build and optimize self-service options that your customers want and your operations need.
  • How to make every interaction count – giving agents everything they need to handle customer engagements as efficiently and effectively as possible—without increasing headcount.

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