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Agent Retention and Engagement: Strategies for an Era of Resource Uncertainty

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Agent retention is a longstanding problem for contact centers, but it’s a solvable one. For many organizations, a key lesson of the pandemic was that they need better strategies for engaging with and optimizing their workforce.  Agents now have more choice over where they work, forcing contact centers to reevaluate their engagement and retention strategies.

Leadership has to provide agents with better tools that make it easier for them to do their jobs, and an environment that is collaborative and congenial.

They need to foster workplaces that clearly define the role of the agent and position the agent as an active participant in developing customer relationships. And managers need more visibility and control over agent performance. 

Fortunately, some of the technical advances in areas like AI, automation and analytics are leading to new and improved tools that make the agent’s job easier and more efficient. And the rise of self-service means that the interactions agents work with are more complex and unique. 

In this webinar, Ventana Research’s Keith Dawson and LiveVox’s Boris Grinshpun will discuss the current state of the art in agent-related technology and best practices. They will talk about the technology advances, modern best practices in agent management, and how management should think about the skills they’ll need to look for in the next generation of agents.

Agent Retention and Engagement

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Featured Speakers

LiveVox [Omer headshot / Aberdeen]

Keith Dawson

Vice President & Research Director, Customer Experience
Ventana Research

Keith leads the expertise in Customer Experience (CX), covering applications and technology that facilitate engagement to optimize customer-facing processes. Keith has been an industry analyst for more than a decade and prior was the editorial director of Call Center Magazine. There he pioneered coverage of cloud-based contact centers, speech recognition and processing, and the shift from voice to multichannel communications.

Nick Bandy, Chief Marketing Officer, LiveVox

Boris Grinshpun

Vice President of Product Strategy

Boris has 20+ years of experiencing developing strategy and products focused on driving Customer Engagement and Digital Relationship Management. His specialties include online customer experience, cross-channel enablement, and CRM implementations. Prior to joining LiveVox, Boris was the VP of Strategic Planning and Online Banking at US Bank and founder of Terafina, a leading provider of Omnichannel Sales Solutions with integrated Analytics & Mobile Capabilities.