LiveVox has been named an Innovator in Aragon Research’s 2022 Globe™ for Intelligent Contact Centers! See Why.

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Everything Your Contact Center Needs to Maximize its Potential

Access all your contact center applications and workflows within a single easy-to-use platform, powered by our purpose-built CRM. Forget the need for complex integrations, replacement of existing investments, or costly professional services — eliminate the roadblocks that get in the way of exceptional CX.

How is LiveVox Different?

LiveVox Omnichannel

A Focus on Unification

LiveVox brings together historically siloed technology into one solution that unifies Omnichannel Communications, CRM, AI, and Workforce Optimization. This unique approach eliminates the gaps that hinder better customer experiences and create a heavy reliance on IT.


A Simplified Data Approach

LiveVox not only maintains a threaded view of the customer’s journey as they shift across channels but also automatically syncs the latest customer data across key applications. By creating a centralized repository of customer interactions, LiveVox enables robust omnichannel analytics and reporting.

LiveVox Omnichannel

Configurations in Your Control

LiveVox empowers your non-technical staff to easily optimize workflows on the fly. 95% of all applications are configurable by your front-line managers so your business can quickly build, adjust, and optimize customer journeys. Learn about LiveVox’s other cloud benefits.

LiveVox Omnichannel

Pre-Integrated AI Capabilities

Optimize the customer experience and improve agent productivity with our practical pre-built integrations for virtual agents, workflow management, analytics, agent assistance, and chatbots.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Avoid the need for CapEx investments, ongoing maintenance, and complex integrations. Pre-configured features and functionality also reduce operational cost and time-to-value for customers.

LiveVox Omnichannel

Market-Leading Risk Mitigation

We give you the confidence that comes from 20+ years of developing best-in-class risk mitigation technology, including TCPA-focused and battle-tested outbound dialing systems such as HCI®, plus embedded consent management and contact controls that help address CFPB, CAN-SPAM, PCI, CTIA, and other regulatory concerns.

Industry Analyst Report:

LiveVox Named an Innovator in Aragon Research’s 2022 Globe™ for Intelligent Contact Centers

See how contact center leaders are unlocking the doors to more intelligent, automated, and integrated customer and agent experiences with LiveVox.

Additional Reasons Why Contact Centers Choose LiveVox

Unified View

Better Agent and Customer Experiences

Enable agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences with an omnichannel desktop that integrates CRM data, scripts, and knowledge bases so issues get resolved quickly.


Channels of Choice

Engage with customers on their preferred channels including Voice, Email, SMS, and Webchat. All interactions are automatically linked into a threaded view to unify many conversations into one.

Better Customer Experience

A Partnership You Can Trust

LiveVox combines cloud technology with solution expertise to support your unique business goals. LiveVox’s Business Consulting Team conducts quarterly business reviews to help you uncover opportunities, implement best practices, and strategize for long-term success.

Integrated Analytics

Maximize Quality and Efficiency

To help ensure performance and support risk mitigation, LiveVox’s unified platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools ranging from coach, monitor, and barge, to more robust agent scorecards and speech analytics.

Centralized Compliance

Built for Scale, Security, and Reliability

Simplify previously complex workflows with a scalable architecture that supports enterprise-grade deployments and boasts some of the highest levels of data security and platform redundancy with capabilities including PCI-DSS and SOC II certifications.

Cloud Reliability

Continuous Cloud Innovation

Experience a 100% multi-tenant cloud platform with a modern user experience and quarterly upgrades, including an average of 40+ new out-of-the-box capabilities per release.

Providing contact center solutions for businesses just like you

“The ability to have everything available on one platform and be able to not have to worry about the backend like we used to, went a long way in our decision-making process.”

—Daniel Torres | Director of IT, PBFCM

“LiveVox can be managed with relative ease. You don’t have to have a large, technology supporting team in comparison to an on-premise telephony platform. Upgrades are also much simpler and less time-intensive.”

—Matt Murphy | Director of Workforce Management and Dialing Operations, Best Egg

“No matter what the challenge is, whatever the new thing is behind the next turn that you have to deal with in your business, you need a solution that can adapt…LiveVox is there in the boat with us.”

—VP | Workforce Management, Business Servicer

“Of all the vendors, LiveVox showed us they understood what we were trying to do. That goes a long way to have a partner that actually listens to us and understands what we want to do with the technology.”

—Daniel Torres | Director of IT, PBFCM

“Their customer service and support staff are top-notch. In our line of business, we have to be nimble enough to take on new clients and execute on projects in short fashion. LiveVox has provided us with all of the tools we need to accomplish this.”

—Edward A. | Business Analyst, Financial Services

“I can tell you without a doubt that our contact rates have improved, our sales rates have improved, and we probably wouldn’t have survived 2020 without LiveVox.”

—Senior Director of Operations, Consumer Finance

“LiveVox has been an excellent partner allowing us to advance our business and reach record revenue.

—COO, Financial Services

“With complete visibility and control across the customer journey….we are able to ensure we respect the customer’s channel preferences while leveraging customer behavior data to drive more pro-active and intelligent strategies across new channels. As a result we saw an increase of ~50% in year over year revenue.”

—Director of Operational Strategies, Business Servicer


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