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Why LiveVox

Omnichannel Expertise That Fits Your Company’s Needs

We deliver reliable, easy-to-use technology that enables your contact center to maximize its potential.

Key Benefits of LiveVox’s Next-Generation Platform

Better customer experiences

LiveVox links all interactions with your customer into a single threaded conversation so you can facilitate personalized and convenient engagement on the customer’s channels of choice.

Robust risk mitigation

Add channels, not risk with LiveVox’s embedded and proven compliance capabilities that span existing and new channels to ensure you can adhere to the latest regulatory requirements.

Performance and scale

Cross-channel analytics and centralized workforce management help clients meet day-to-day and long term goals while our location-agnostic platform allows clients to configure agents for any location.

Case Study

Improved CX And Lower Cost Of Service With Digital Channels

Eastern was looking for a partner invested in their long term success and wanted the latest call center technology in a one-stop-shop instead of a patchwork of different applications from different providers. Read why they chose LiveVox.

LiveVox Success Story_Eastern Improves CX with Digital Channels
Unified Platform

One unified platform

All LiveVox products and capabilities are accessed via a single, secure, cloud-based platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers. Additional capabilities and channels can be activated easily, rather than being added via costly, complex, and time-consuming integration projects. And a unified platform also allows for unified data. In real terms, that means easy access to omnichannel analytics and comprehensive business intelligence that goes way beyond standard contact center KPIs.

Learn how LiveVox helps you seamlessly integrate Omnichannel/AI, CRM, and WFO.


Channels of choice

Engage with customers in the places they want to be including Voice, Email, SMS, and Webchat and unite all conversations. All interactions are automatically linked into a threaded view to unify many conversations into one.

Learn more about LiveVox’s Blended Omnichannel solutions.

Better Customer Experience

Better customer experiences

We build software that improves agent experience and, by extension, their ability to deliver an excellent customer experience. Workflows can be easily configured for specific business needs, avoiding complex and clunky on-screen experiences that can affect agents’ ability to handle interactions smoothly.

Conversations can flow from channel to channel, with agents handling everything via one centralized and easy-to-use interface. Agent scripting is available to guide new agents or train existing ones. And knowledge bases are integrated into the platform so agents can find the answers to questions and queries quickly.

 Learn more about LiveVox’s configurable agent desktops. 

Maximize Efficiency

Maximize quality and efficiency

To help ensure performance and mitigate risk, LiveVox’s platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that help ensure supervisors can effectively monitor, manage, and assist agents. These tools range from coach, monitor, and barge to more robust and flexible Unified Agent Desktops, Agent Scripts, and Call & Screen Recording.

Live dashboards that show agent status, call progress, average wait times, and more can help create a unified view for managers to orchestrate their operations as if the team were all under one roof.

Learn more about LiveVox’s workforce optimization tools.

Easy Integrations

Easy integrations

Supplement rather than replace your existing systems of record and CRMs via our open APIs so agents get up and running quickly. LiveVox provides a simplified path to any application, internal or third party, so you can get more done with fewer screens.

Learn more about our CRM integration resources.


Configurations in your control

LiveVox empowers contact centers with the ability to alter workflows as needed without requiring budget and/or resources to support the additional professional services that are often needed. 95% of LiveVox’s functionality was created to be user-friendly and self-configurable with minimal IT requirements.

Learn more about LiveVox’s other cloud benefits.

Risk Mitigation

Comprehensive risk mitigation

From our game-changing voice and digital capabilities to our unified CRM, and Workforce Optimization tools, you’ll no longer have to choose between productivity and compliance.

Comprehensive compliance controls including consent and revocation management as well as CTIA, TCPA, and CAN-SPAM regulations help you reduce risk across existing and new channels. Robust contact attempt controls are centrally configured so you can simplify how you manage compliance across all outreach efforts.

Learn more about how LiveVox helps you simplify how you handle risk.

Reduce TCO

Reduced TCO

Drive performance and stay on top of security requirements while also reducing operational and capital expenditures. LiveVox’s cloud technology helps contact centers avoid costly investments in hardware CapEx purchases and maintenance, while our simplified approach to integration bypasses the investments needed in custom development and professional services.

Learn more about how we can help optimize your ROI and TCO.

Cloud Reliability

100% cloud reliability

Over 20 years of proven cloud expertise has refined and matured our approach so we operate securely. Our cloud-based, distributed data centers are designed with a high degree of redundancy and geographic fail-over to reduce the likelihood of service interruptions or downtime. Your information is stored securely and accessible when you need it.

Learn more about how we ensure your data security.

Learn about LiveVox’s Customer Engagement Platform

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