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Overview | Integrations Framework

Business Solutions Without Boundaries

Connect any REST-based API endpoint to our native CRM and achieve unified workflow automation while delivering continual customer service improvements.

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Integration Benefits


Quickly connect disparate systems and platforms to scale as business requirements evolve without the need to custom integrate.

Automate Workflows

Easily extract, transfer, and load customer & campaign information between applications and automate any action or event for consistency & convenience.

Increase Customer Understanding

Standardize data sets for a single pane of glass view into all activity across multiple systems of record.

Improve Speed With Less Effort

Centralize massive quantities of data without fear of losing vital time and effort. LiveVox’s APIs speed up the migration of complex data sets between systems.

Design Custom Integrations

Integrations can be built across APIs as well as ETL & RPA processes on the LiveVox platform, providing the flexibility to craft solutions uniquely tailored to your business.

Trigger Automated SMS & Email Campaigns

Create and deploy seamless end-to-end omnichannel campaign workflows that include cross-channel triggers with our SMS and Email APIs.

LiveVox Platform Brochure


In-Depth Look at LiveVox Integrations Framework

Access broad integrations for cross-platform and external workflow orchestration.

LiveVox Platform Brochure

Developer Portal


Leverage basic CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) capabilities through standard HTTP methods. Visit our Developer Portal to see how.

List of LiveVox REST APIs

LiveVox Omnichannel

Account API

Create + manage accounts + retrieve account lists

LiveVox Omnichannel

Call Control API

Perform 1st + 3rd party call control

LiveVox Omnichannel

Campaign API

Create + manage + search campaigns

LiveVox Omnichannel

Configuration API

Configure data retrieval of lists and other properties

LiveVox Omnichannel

Contact API

Manage contacts + pull contact information

LiveVox Omnichannel

Context Data API

Update client-specific key-value pairs

LiveVox Omnichannel

Email API

List client email addresses + send emails + share templates

LiveVox Omnichannel

Real-Time Reporting API

Retrieve campaign + queue stats in near real-time

LiveVox Omnichannel

Reporting API

Retrieve historical data such as agent stats and call history

LiveVox Omnichannel

Session API

Manage LiveVox API sessions including log in

LiveVox Omnichannel


List client SMS codes, share SMS templates, + send transactional messages

“With complete visibility and control across the customer journey….we are able to ensure we respect the customer’s channel preferences while leveraging customer behavior data to drive more proactive and intelligent strategies across new channels. As a result we saw an increase of ~50% in year-over-year revenue.”

Director of Operational Strategies Business Services

Additional Reasons Why Contact Centers Choose LiveVox


Product-agnostic bidirectional data synch

We’ve designed the LiveVox platform to integrate with cloud-based systems via RESTful APIs as well as ETL and RPA processes, allowing our customers to extract deeper value from their existing systems and tools.

Learn more about LiveVox’s Integration approach.

Unified View

Centralize data across systems and channels

The LiveVox API-first approach allows contact centers to develop and deploy automation in a structured and centralized way by providing the ability to dictate the frequency of each external request, ensuring the latest data is available when and how it’s preferred.

Learn more about LiveVox’s approach to Automation.

Better Customer Experience

Break down silos

Streamline contact center operations and sync business processes across your entire application ecosystem directly from the Agent Desktop with public and external APIS that break down silos and simplify workflows.

Learn more about LiveVox’s Configurable Agent Desktop. 


Learn about LiveVox’s customer engagement platform

Download this brochure for a comprehensive view of LiveVox’s capabilities.

Customer Engagement Platform Download