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Consent and Preference Management

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Consent & Preference Management

Simplify how you track and manage consent and customer preferences across an omnichannel environment.

Key Benefits of Consent & Preference Management

Add channels, not risk

LiveVox’s compliance features are embedded into all channel functionality, so you’ll never need to add them as you grow your channel suite.

Keep preferences up to date

Consent revocation is the most difficult compliance element to track and manage. LiveVox makes it easier with unified profiles that automatically update changes as they are made.


Match engagement with consent status

Compliance concerns can get in the way of how you connect with your customers. Always meet them on their channel of choice with up-to-date preferences and channel consent in mind.


Trusted And Trackable Consent Made Simple

Mitigate risk, not reward with our free eBook that covers communication regulations for financial services, and how to adopt a compliance-first mindset in your contact center strategies.

LiveVox Omnichannel Compliance eBook
Centralized Compliance

Consent verification at each step of the journey

Email, SMS, Chat, and agent phone calls can all be an opportunity to capture and update consent. LiveVox embeds consent management functionality across all interactions with capabilities such as:

  • Pre-defined email with mandated opt-out links
  • SMS templates with CTIA-keyword opt-outs
  • Real-time unsubscribe account-level consent updates
  • Embedded consent management on an agent desktop.

Learn more about tools that can help you manage omnichannel compliance.

Unified Customer Profiles

Know how to reach customers at all times

LiveVox embeds consumer preferences into campaigns and automatically updates customer account records when consent or preferences change. Customer consent is managed for Voice including cell phones, Email, and SMS channels. Consent flags track granular channel preference and are made part of the customer’s profile information using LiveVox’s CRM functionality. All outreach engagement (mass and individual interactions) adhere to the customer’s consent flags and are readily visible to agents.

Take compliance one step further with PDAS, which allows you to configure complex contact attempt controls at the account and phone number level across your in-house and outsourced operations.

Channels of Choice

Open new ways to communicate

Current engagement can also be used to collect consent for future engagement – helping you evolve naturally from voice to digital. LiveVox’s agent scripting capability can guide agents to capture consent status. Over time, you will develop a stronger database that can be used to create a more efficient customer journey – one that meets your customers on their channels of choice.

Learn more about LiveVox’s Blended Omnichannel solution.

Consent Management In Action

LiveVox Consent Management

LiveVox CRM Capabilities:

  • Multichannel Interaction History
  • Advanced Filtering and Field Mapping
  • Multichannel Consent Management and Suppression List
  • Contact Attempt Management
  • Configurable Segmentation
  • Contact Notes and Attachment Library
  • Agent Desktop Editor
  • Campaign and Workflow Management
  • Voice and Multichannel Inbox
  • Integrated Scripting and Ticketing
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • API Call Outs to 3rd Party Systems
  • Web-Intake Form
  • Integrated WFO tools

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Consent management functionality is just one of many ways LiveVox helps drive personalized customer experiences. Dive deeper into all of LiveVox’s CRM capabilities by downloading this brochure.

LiveVox CRM Brochure

Why Choose LiveVox?

Better Customer Experience

Agents engage via configurable workflows in tailored desktops with the enrichment of key consumer profile and interaction history to provide superior customer experiences.

One Unified Platform

All LiveVox capabilities are accessed via a single, secure, cloud-based platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers.

Easy Integration

Supplement rather than replace your existing systems of record and CRMs via our open APIs so agents get up and running quickly.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Drive performance and stay on top of security requirements while also reducing operational and capital expenditures.

Mitigate Risk

Comprehensive compliance controls including consent and revocation management as well as CTIA, TCPA, and CAN-SPAM regulations.

Customer Channels of Choice

Engage with customers in the places they want to be including Voice, Email, SMS, and Web Chat and unite all conversations.