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LIVEVOX [U]-SERIES - Unifies All Conversations and Interactions on a Single Platform

To help contact centers navigate and succeed in an increasingly digital environment, LiveVox introduced the “LiveVox [U] Series” – a simplified and incremental path for contact centers to evolve their operations from primarily voice-based strategies to performance-driven digital engagement. The [U] Series unifies data across 3 core contact center functions – modern CRM, WFO, and omnichannel/AI into a single digital customer engagement platform.

In doing so, LiveVox makes true omnichannel easy with an out of the box omnichannel platform that enables seamless digital engagement without the traditional integration costs or complexities.


From Voice to Email, SMS, LiveChat, and chatbots, LiveVox’s customer engagement platform provides fully integrated channels, enabling seamless digital engagement strategies to be created and managed from a single location.

Modern CRM

Leverage the functionality of a modern CRM without the need to purchase one. LiveVox’s fully integrated CRM unifies all consumer interactions into a single location with features like multichannel customer journey tracking, digitally-enabled agent desktops, multichannel preference management, ticketing and more.

Modern WFO

Test, analyze and implement best practices across a digital environment with LiveVox’s integrated WFO solutions that includes multichannel agent scorecards and scheduling, business intelligence, speech analytics, and more.

Omnichannel/AI Modern WFO Modern CRM