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  • LiveVox General Counsel, Mark Mallah, Strategic Product Director, Paul McGee, and Vice President of Sales, David D’Antonio, will join ARM leaders to discuss recent regulatory developments and industry hot topics impacting customer engagement strategies in today’s digital environment.
  • InsideArm’s Fall 2018 CRC Innovation Council Meeting takes place November 14th and 15th in Arlington, VA.
  • The CRC aims to promote collaboration among agencies, creditors, technology providers and regulatory agencies to affect reform that is practical, and that enhances the consumer experience. To learn more about the CRC, click here.

SAN FRANCISCO, November 13th, 2018 – LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions, announced that LiveVox General Counsel, Mark Mallah, Strategic Product Director, Paul McGee, and Vice President of Sales, David D’Antonio, will join ARM industry leaders at InsideArm’s 2018 Fall CRC Innovation Council Meeting to provide insights into the latest regulatory developments and innovation trends driving collections strategies. At the event, attendees participate in a series of collaborative discussions on various industry hot topics to share different perspectives and approaches on how to drive successful engagement.

On the event, Paul McGee, Strategic Director of Product, LiveVox states, “I am excited to join industry leaders to discuss the latest regulatory developments and technology trends shaping collections strategies for today’s digital consumer. In this era of digital transformation, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest strategies and innovations driving successful engagement. I look forward to participating in this insightful event hosted by InsideArm.”

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About the event:

  • EVENT: Fall 2018 CRC Innovation Council Meeting
  • DATE: November 14th–15th, 2018
  • LOCATION: Arlington, VA

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