May 17, 2022

New Forrester AI Study: Most Contact Centers Struggle to See AI’s Full Potential

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New Forrester research commissioned by LiveVox identifies key use cases and challenges for deploying AI technology in contact centers.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LiveVox in December 2021 evaluated how integrated contact center solutions help firms with their business operations, customer needs, agent performance, and business outcomes.

Below we’ve outlined some of the Forrester AI study’s key findings. We’ve made the study, Contact Centers And AI Technology: ‘Sounds Like You Need Help Unlocking Full Benefits’, free and downloadable here

LiveVox Chief Marketing Officer Nick Bandy and VP of Product Strategy Boris Grinshpun also discuss the key findings of the study with guest Forrester Analyst Max Ball in this on-demand webinar.

AI adoption is well underway in the contact center, but ROI is pending

Continuous improvements to customer experience are a critical component of any organization’s long-term success. Contact centers, especially those larger operations with 100-250+ agent seats,  have implemented artificial intelligence in the form of AI virtual agents, speech and text analytics, and agent assist. 

The commissioned study states:

“Delays during initial deployment and routine updates are widespread. High implementation costs, data access, and integration with legacy CRMs are top challenges for the 40% of firms reporting slow deployment. More than half of contact center decision-makers say they are unable to make frequent changes needed by machine learning (ML) models and AI tools because they depend on vendors and lack the staff and expertise to do it themselves.”

On average, executives report that their contact centers are using three AI tools today. Yet fewer than half of the survey’s participants reported tangible benefits post-AI implementation, however “a full 80% of decision-makers agree that a pre-integrated AI workplace would give their contact center the flexibility to deploy, test, and change applications quickly.”

There are three major impediments to realizing success with AI

The majority of survey participants cited a lack of budgets, data access, and complexity as key inhibitors to success. Forrester noted two additional outcomes; 

  • Lack of readily available expertise for ongoing maintenance and updates
  • Slow deployment

On the lack of support for ongoing maintenance, the study found: 

“An inability to make changes or perform ongoing maintenance significantly impacts a firm’s ability to get benefits from AI technology at scale. The study revealed that 55% of organizations

surveyed cannot make frequent changes required to their AI tools because they need to call the vendor, don’t have the right staff, or just find it difficult to do on their own. The problem was especially pronounced in organizations with less than 100 seats. Additionally, over half of decision-makers find adding applications to their CRM or legacy platforms challenging, making it difficult to leverage AI technology.”

The ability to capture and consolidate insight from every customer interaction into centralized profiles that can be adjusted and shared across the entire organization via CRM is necessary to AI pay off.

Internal silos and a lack of integration could also be contributing factors to slow deployments, so the study suggests AI vendors and tools that can be easily and  wisely leveraged across departments to boost deployment flexibility and make testing and rollout  smoother. 

LiveVox has made the Forrester AI study available for free here. Download to learn more. 

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