Level Up Your Omnichannel Solutions: 4 Tactics To Keep The Conversation Going

Level Up Your Omnichannel Solutions: 4 Tactics To Keep The Conversation Going

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Omnichannel communication solutions in the contact center has revolutionized the way companies engage with their customers. SMS, webchat, and email have now given customers and agents more flexibility when it comes to communication. However, if you want to leverage the full extent of omnichannel in your contact center, integrate automation into your agents’ workflows. Sending mass emails or texts to high-value leads is efficient. However, busy agents often forget to follow up. This can result in the loss of a potential sale. Web chat or SMS is convenient for customers on the go. If they can’t get the answers they are looking for, they may have to make a phone call instead. When enhancing the customer experience is the top priority, it’s crucial to stay ahead of scenarios like those. 

Automation is a powerful tool that allows businesses to streamline interactions to improve employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. In the contact center, automation makes a big impact on the way agents communicate with customers. You can improve agent performance and the customer experience by using automation features in together with SMS, chat, email, and phone. Here are 4 ways that your agents can keep the conversation going using automation. 

Schedule immediate follow ups

Automation can make it effortless to follow up with customers. For example, if a customer calls in and makes a purchase, automation software can schedule an automatic follow up for the agent. The agent would then get a reminder to call back the customer in a preselected number of days. Another example are follow ups for escalated calls. If an upset customer is seeking resolution to an ongoing issue, an automated follow up call can be scheduled to ensure a supervisor gets back to them in a timely manner. Keeping ongoing, open communication provides a better experience for the customer. LiveVox’s Unified CRM solution can make it simple to set up automatic callbacks. Triggers can be customized and based on call drivers and disposition. Follow ups can be automatically scheduled following any event based on company needs.

CSAT Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys help you keep track of how your customers feel about your contact center. This allows management to identify areas for improvement. Customer feedback can be a valuable guide that can help guide future business decisions. You can set up your call center software to send out CSAT surveys after agents close tickets. They can also be set up to be sent out periodically or after any event that would benefit from feedback. LiveVox’s Integrated Ticketing system helps simplify the way agents interact with customers. It’s highly-customizable to cater to different business needs. You can set up triggers that require follow-up actions, such as callbacks. Automation improves the customer experience as it helps agents anticipate customer needs. Customers feel heard and validated, providing a positive experience.

Customer satisfaction surveys help you keep track of how your customers feel about your contact center

WhatsApp message templates

WhatsApp has become the communication app of choice for many customers. Omnichannel contact centers have integrated WhatsApp into their communication channels. WhatsApp message templates are pre-approved business templates that companies can use to reach out to their customers. Automating WhatsApp message templates is an ideal way to respond to common customer inquiries or concerns. You can customize your templates to include specific information. After Meta approves your template, you’re ready to go. Templates be sent out based on triggers you set beforehand. LiveVox’s omnichannel solution integrates with WhatsApp Business. Agents can communicate with customers through the app. When a customer initiates a conversation, you can set up your WhatsApp message template to be automatically sent out. Your template can include a set of questions, a greeting, or any message that is relevant to your business.

WhatsApp has become the communication app of choice for many customers

Customer data for personalized recommendations

Contact centers can also make personalized customer recommendations by using analyzed customer data. You can use information such as customer preferences or purchase history to create automated personalized recommendations for your customers. LiveVox’s Business Intelligence and Performance Analytics tool tracks data from every customer and agent interaction. You can get detailed reports with information related to new customers, purchases, call drivers, or even overall customer experience. An example of this could be when a customer shows interest in a new product or service but holds off on making the purchase. By using call disposition data, you can set up an automated callback to that customer in the event that the product or service is on sale. A personalized recommendation like this improves customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Automation is a valuable tool that improves agent efficiency and productivity while enhancing the customer journey. By using automation together with an omnichannel solution, contact center agents can feel confident about providing quality customer service. With over 20 years of experience, LiveVox has developed automated contact center solutions that optimize workflows. Request a demo from LiveVox to see how integrating automation into your contact center can make a positive impact on agents and customers.

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