May 31, 2018

Keeping You in the Know: Top 5 Trends Shaping Contact Center Strategies in 2018

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Digitally empowered customers increasingly demand an elevated customer experience. As a result, contact centers face mounting pressures to evolve at a rapid pace to meet these ever-rising customer expectations. Staying on top of the shifting contact center trends is critical for contact center executives to deliver customer experience excellence. In an effort to keep you at the forefront of the latest industry needs, we present the second LiveVox Contact Center Survey Report.

For this report, LiveVox reviewed over 3000 responses to our survey, received from contact center leaders in the second half of 2017. The report includes valuable insights into how businesses in different industry segments are redefining their contact centers to drive holistic and seamless connected customer experiences. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top five findings from our report.

Survey Demographics

Let’s first take a look at the survey demographics. In this report, the 3000+ responding contact center leaders represent over 300,000 agent positions in a variety of industry segments, including Finance (33%), BPO & Collections Agencies (13%), Healthcare (9%), and Technology (8%). The report also presents results by contact center services segments, providing insights on the requirements of customer support, account receivables, and telemarketing/teleservices operations.


Key Insights from the report:

Delivering an exceptional experience throughout the customer journey is top of mind for the executives

Empowered customers increasingly expect businesses to provide a seamless connected experience and know their complete journey with the company. They expect companies to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently without getting transferred to various agents and repeating their information.

Effectively leveraging customer data is the key to delivering this holistic customer experience. As a result, executives are demanding next-generation Advanced Skills-Based Routing (39%) and Self-Service Engagement models (32%) that can access customer data to intelligently route their calls.

Capabilities that provide data-driven insights, such as Business Intelligence/Reporting (36%) and CSAT surveys (31%), were also voted as the most-valued features. Contact centers with telemarketing/teleservices operations reported a higher demand for Business Intelligence/Reporting (46%).

Multichannel engagement strategies are becoming increasingly important to reach customers more efficiently

It is not surprising that multichannel customer engagement is expanding across industries. Adding multiple channels beyond voice improves contact rates enabling the digitally-empowered consumers to interact through their channel of choice. But it is interesting to note that the shifts in customer channel preferences vary substantially by industry segment.

For instance, survey results revealed that voice would remain the preferred outreach channel for BPOs/collections agencies (70%)–much higher than other industries. On the other hand, contact centers offering Telemarketing/Teleservices and Customer Care are expected to embrace web chat and social media channels more – 10 percentage points higher than contact centers providing Account Receivables services.

Download the report to get insights on developing your right channel strategy.

Effectively managing contact preference across channels ranks as the top challenge to accelerating multichannel adoption

While contact centers are adding new channels, the lack of compliant contact preference management solutions poses challenges to using these channels effectively. Executives increasingly realize that a multichannel approach is ineffective and fraught with regulatory pitfalls if contact preference and consent management processes are not robust.

Contact centers are demanding solutions that can effectively capture and revoke consent within the existing workflows, centralize cross-channel consent management and incorporate contact channel preferences into the campaign workflows. Cloud contact center technology is proving to be successful by enabling and simplifying the integration of customer preferences within multichannel campaign workflows.


Usage of Cloud-Based Contact Center Continues to Expand Substantially

As flexible cloud-based solutions enable businesses to meet the increasing customer expectations and multichannel demand, cloud adoption is ramping up dramatically. Over 65% of respondents have either made a move or are ready to make the transition to a cloud-based contact center in the next two years.

Cloud technology enables businesses to adopt innovative features faster, allowing them to create a competitive advantage and deliver customer experience excellence.

Integrated Multichannel and Performance Analytics are Emerging as the Top Features Accelerating Cloud Adoption

Cloud-based contact centers enable businesses to gain access to the latest customer engagement functionality faster and with minimum effort and resources.  According to the survey report, integrated multichannel capabilities are the top features that finance (41%), wireless (42%) and retail (42%) companies are seeking from cloud contact centers. 52% of Healthcare and 55% of Education executives also voted Integrated Reporting and Analytics as the top cloud contact center feature.

In Summary: Our latest survey shows how cloud contact centers are becoming the new normal. Cloud technology paves an accelerated path for contact center innovation, empowering contact centers to transform their customer experience. Rising customer expectations and adaptability make moving to the cloud a business necessity for companies that don’t want to be left behind.

Click here to gain full access to the report. We believe this assessment will provide credible benchmarking data to help you potentially align your 2018 strategic direction with your peers.


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