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How Can You Change The Teleservices Game?

Want to be known as a leading teleservices company? Then your contact center needs the right tech to help reach customers most effectively, plus the tools and data to be efficient, exceed customer expectations, and win new business.

Improve CX As You Acquire, Onboard, Service, and Upsell

In teleservices, a voice-only strategy doesn’t cut it anymore. With the right technology, you can transform your company’s contact center into a profit center. How? By adding digital channels, speeding up resolutions, addressing compliance without a drop in performance, and more below.

Be The Best At Bringing In New Customers

A cloud platform can help you engage and scale effectively:

+ Reach out / respond to customers on preferred channels quickly
+ Scale your operations on demand / as needed
+ Deliver a personal touch across the entire journey
Generate Results With Intelligent Campaigns

The right cloud software enhances your capabilities / operations:

+ See a complete picture of your customers with a unified CRM
+ Use 360° data for segmentation / targeting that gets results
+ Optimize campaigns for the right channels / times / messages
Reduce Compliance Risk With Proven Solutions

Gain control of how you address TCPA, CTIA, and other regulations:

+ Choose a partner with years of proven compliance success
+ Add compliance tools that are battle-tested in the courts
+ Use built-in controls to manage contact attempts and more

Maintain Sales Pipeline

Optimize Campaigns

Personalize CX

Address Compliance Risk

Integrate Data & Info

Maintain A Profitable Sales Pipeline?

  1. Use digital (SMS / Email / Webchat / etc.) to augment Voice outreach
  2. Quickly convert incoming leads into contacts by leveraging public APIs
  3. Unify account info / interaction history to boost agent efficiency
  4. Make it easy for agents to access that robust prospect / customer data
  5. Leverage AI / pre-built scripts to handle any / all teleservices capabilities

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Optimize Campaign Management?

  1. Integrate CRM / 3rd-party data for smart targeting / personalization
  2. Apply speech analytics to review 100% of interactions for CX data
  3. Leverage custom email templates to fit any customer / initiative
  4. Analyze customer journey analytics from intent to outcome
  5. Employ compliance controls, including opt-out tracking, to address risk

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Personalize Across Multichannel Campaigns?

  1. Sync all prospect / customer data into universal profiles across channels
  2. Do segmentation analysis to understand customer thinking / behavior
  3. Get a 360° view of their data so you can engage how / when they want
  4. Track inbound / outbound customer journeys from beginning to end
  5. Map full customer profiles with insights throughout sales funnel

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Address TCPA Risk / Keep Up With Compliance?

  1. Use tools to manage contact attempts / consent / agent interactions
  2. Enact effective account recovery management strategies
  3. Dial / contact people with the highest level of risk mitigation possible
  4. Work with a partner that’s trusted for their compliance expertise
  5. Use solutions purpose-built to boost agent performance and KPIs

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Integrate / Unify Your Data And Information?

  1. Choose a platform that integrates with your existing systems / SORs
  2. Give agents a unified desktop with contacts / history / lists in one screen
  3. Leverage analytics / reporting tools to measure KPIs with speed
  4. Use speech analytics / AI to track customer intents / sentiment 
  5. Build AI-powered workflows based on customer attributes / interactions

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The Contact Center Platform
That Helps You Turn Data Into Results

Keeping up with the pace of change in customer communications is a constant challenge. With LiveVox’s cloud contact center platform, you can redefine customer engagement and deliver game-changing performance.

Omnichannel / AI
  • Meet Customers On Their Channels Of Choice
  • Provide AI-Powered Self-Service Options
  • Voice, Chat, SMS, Email, And More

Customer-Centric Campaigns
  • Robust Segmentation / Targeting
  • Links Channels, Data, Plus History
  • Tailored Workflows / Ticketing

360° Customer Profiles & History
  • Full Picture Of Your Customers
  • Sync Info Across Systems
  • Update Profiles In Real-Time

Knowledge Center
  • Encourage Customer Self-Service
  • Free Up Agent Bandwidth
  • Web Widget And Agent Desktop

Integrated Agent Workflows
  • Weave Systems And Data Streams
  • Intelligent And Automated
  • Easy To Build, Easy To Fine-Tune

Customer Happiness Index
  • Intuitive AI-Powered Sentiment Insights
  • Real-Time Insight With Visual Gauges
  • Comprehensive View of Overall CX

Business Performance & Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics Dashboards
  • Data / Insights Refresh Every 2 Hours
  • Access Over 150 Reports

Speech Analytics
  • Search And Score All Interactions
  • Track / Identify Changes In Sentiment
  • Learn Customer Intents And Optimize

Complete Product List
  • Channels, AI, Contact Center CRM, WEM Tools
  • Seamless Integration, Frictionless Experiences
  • Highest Risk Mitigation And Data Security Levels


Playbook For Modernizing Lead Gen

Get a step-by-step guide to modernizing your lead generation in a digital-first environment.

What Are Your Advantages With LiveVox?

Transform your contact center's performance with a proven cloud platform that's actually easy to use and optimize.

Billions of Omnichannel interactions powered every year

Trusted by game-changing clients for more than 20 years

Recognized by the industry's leading analysts

Fully-Integrated Public Cloud Platform

+ Unified Tools, Channels, And Data To Maximize ROI
+ Fast, Easy, And Cost-Effective To Scale And Optimize
+ Turnkey Omnichannel / AI / Analytics Out-Of-The-Box

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AX Workplace Made For Contact Centers

+ Integrate It All, Including Agent Workflows, In One Screen
+ Smart, Simple, And Seamless Cross-Channel Interactions
+ Easily Push And Pull Data From Your CRM / Other SORs

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Scalable, Flexible, Reliable, And Secure

+ 100% Public Cloud Infrastructure And 24/7/365 Support
+ Easily Configure Our Modules, APIs, And Growing Partner Network
+ End-To-End SLA / High Availability And Enterprise-Grade Security

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LiveVox is proud to be both PCI and SOC 2 Compliant.