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March 1, 2022

How to Use IVR Technologies to Improve Customer Service

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IVR technologies integrate AI and advanced menu options to help drive higher customer service satisfaction and first call resolution rates.

IVR technology has significantly improved the way that companies provide customer service. Most people may recognize IVR as a system that helps route customers to the right person they need to talk to. 

As technology has advanced, IVR now offers many more ways to improve customer service. If your company doesn’t have an IVR set up in place, or if you’re not sure how to maximize your current IVR’s capabilities, consider exploring these 5 ways that an IVR system can significantly enhance the customer experience. 

IVR technologies offer visual menu options

IVR systems now provide customers with different ways to access their phone menus. Instead of having to reach out to a company by phone, a customer can log on to the company website and use a chatbot to ask questions. If a customer needs to speak with a live agent, a chatbot can patch them through along with the information they collected. Visual IVR also allows users to navigate through a series of prompts online to get routed to the right person and finish getting help through chat or a phone call. 

Access more precise call routing via IVR technologies that sync with customer databases 

Using IVR software with easy drag-and-drop modules allows companies to provide a highly accurate, narrowed-down call flow. A better-detailed question and answer path within the IVR ensures that customers are sent to the right person they need to talk to. A highly customizable IVR system also helps identify those customers who need help immediately, prioritizing them by pushing them to the front of the queue. 

Using IVR technology with easy drag-and-drop modules allows companies to provide a highly accurate, narrowed down call flow.

Tap omnichannel capabilities for more orchestrated journey with IVR technology

Top IVR systems allow customers to choose their preferred mode of communication such as chat, SMS, phone, or email. Omnichannel features provide a more personalized customer experience. Allowing customers to choose how they communicate with a company makes the process convenient for them.

 Opening up new modes of communication welcomes customers from different segments and helps build long-time loyalty towards your brand. As a result retention rates increase, especially since 9 out 10 consumers say that they expect an omnichannel experience

IVR technologies enable speedier self-service options

Now that customers have come to view self-service options as the norm, it is crucial that companies provide these capabilities where possible. An IVR system can be configured to provide numerous self-service options such as order tracking or payments over the phone. 

Omnichannel IVR systems may utilize virtual agents and chatbots that answer customers’ questions and if needed, route customers in the right direction. This is a must-have for businesses wishing to improve the customer service experience. It eliminates the need for them to have to wait on the phone to talk to someone because they can take care of simple tasks themselves. 

IVR technology like scheduled callbacks remove margin for oversight and error

Scheduled callback options in an IVR are one of the most convenient features that customers are happy to use. When a customer must speak to a live agent, they might assume that there’s no way around waiting on hold. IVR technology that incorporates scheduled callbacks solves this issue. 

There is no need for them to wait on hold; instead, they leave their contact number through the IVR system. Customers can go on about their day and simply wait for a callback. This feature is extremely beneficial for customers because it gives them back their time. 

IVR technology service providers

Although many companies offer IVR, not all bring the most updated technology to the table. LiveVox’s IVR advanced system provides companies with tools to optimize the customer journey with pre-integrated artificial intelligence to enhance overall agent and customer experiences. 

By integrating Virtual Agents into your IVR workflows you can create a personalized and more natural interaction for customers. These features also help increase first call resolution rates and drive higher customer satisfaction scores (CSAT). 

IVR technology like virtual agents creates more chances to personalize and deepen customer insight.

The purpose of a quality IVR system

A configurable, high-quality IVR brings immense benefits not only for the customer but for businesses too. As more and more customers choose self-help options and set their own scheduled callbacks, stress is lessened for agents working in a busy contact center. This results in better agent productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Go over your IVR software settings to ensure that your company is using it to its maximum capacity. Your customers will appreciate the company that knows them and prioritizes their needs.

What does the term IVR call mean? How does it work?

IVR stands for Integrated Voice Response. It works by gathering customer information for better routing and self-service opportunities. Two examples are phone and chat-based IVR. Customers may call in or log on to a company’s website online to connect with a representative. Over the phone, customers talk to a virtual agent to route them to the right department. A website does the same through chatbots. Both methods gather relevant data that can help identify the caller, find out what kind of help they need, and send them in the right direction.

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