Make Contact Center Collaboration Seamless with LiveVox Connect

How to Collaborate Seamlessly Across The Contact Center with LiveVox Connect

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When it comes to contact center collaboration, delivering a consistent and exceptional customer experience is non-negotiable nowadays because your customers expect nothing less than a seamless journey, irrespective of the department they interact with. 

This means that seamless collaboration with other departments and teams is an important cornerstone of the customer experience. Since contact center agents have taken on a highly visible, and highly significant, role as the initial touchpoint for customers seeking answers, resolutions, or a sounding board to voice feedback, nimbly handling these interactions has the potential to shape your customer’s perception of your entire organization, wielding a profound influence on their loyalty and retention. 

But achieving this level of consistency requires collaboration that transcends the silos within your organization. That’s where LiveVox Connect comes in—a powerful internal messaging technology that can transform the way your contact center teams work together. 

In our latest eBook, we share actionable insights on mastering the art of effective collaboration with other departments and teams in the contact center, helping you shape a consistent  customer experience across diverse channels, stages, and touchpoints.

Why does cross-functional contact center collaboration matter?

Well, the data speaks volumes. Let’s start by examining some compelling statistics that underscore the significance of cross-functional contact center collaboration when it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience:

tart by examining some compelling statistics that underscore the significance of cross-functional contact center collaboration when it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience

# 1. Customer expectations are sky-high

According to a study by PwC, 73% of consumers say that a good experience is crucial in influencing their brand loyalties. Consistency is key here, as 65% of respondents expect a consistent experience across all channels, online and offline.

# 2. Revenue growth is tied to customer experience

Harvard Business Review found that companies that prioritize customer experience witness revenue growth rates that are four to eight times higher than the market average. Seamless collaboration across teams ensures the holistic view needed to enhance customer journeys.

# 3. The cost of poor collaboration is steep

Inefficiencies due to a lack of collaboration can take a toll on your organization. According to a survey by McKinsey, poor collaboration costs companies an estimated $37 billion annually.

The role of LiveVox Connect in fostering team collaboration

Now that we’ve established why cross-functional collaboration is crucial, let’s delve into how LiveVox  can facilitate this collaboration to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Actionable strategies for collaboration with LiveVox Connect

1. Cross-functional newsfeeds for information aggregation

One of the most effective ways to encourage collaboration and seamless communication among agents is through real-time information aggregation. LiveVox Connect offers a social media-style news feed where teams can stay up to date on the latest goings on in the contact center.  News feeds are excellent for aggregating information from various sources into a single, easily accessible stream. You can pull in updates from other areas of the business or even other channels like email, blogs, social media, and other content sources, helping contact center teams stay informed about a wide range of topics.

In these news feeds agents from inbound, outbound, sales, or other departments can comment and collaborate on delivering a consistent customer experience from minute to minute.

Pro Tip: Use LiveVox ‘s customization features to tailor each newsfeed and agent desktop to the needs of the team, including naming conventions, pinned resources, and relevant integrations.

2. Embrace easy integration with configurable agent desktops

LiveVox Connect is embedded directly into the agent desktop for passive information consumption. Agents can passively consume information from the Connect news feed, which can be helpful when they want to stay updated on company news, departmental, or team updates without actively engaging in conversation.

Seamless integration with other tools your teams use is also one of the LiveVox agent desktop’s greatest strengths. By connecting your CRM system, workflow automation capabilities, and call/message routing tools, the LiveVox platform ensures that relevant customer information flows effortlessly for agents. This enables quicker decision-making for them and faster response times to customer needs.

Pro Tip: Leverage the LiveVox’s configurable agent desktops that include pre-built integrations or consider building custom integrations to meet your agent’s specific needs.

3. Message visibility is key to contact center collaboration

Announcements on the Connect board are highly visible, making it less likely for important information to be missed. Agents can easily see and access the latest announcements without the need to open another app or scroll through an endless personal inbox.

Pro Tip: Use LiveVox ‘s polls and survey features to enhance collaboration even further.

4. Automate routine notifications and set reminders

Connect provides a structured and organized way to present information, with clear titles, categories, and timestamps, making it easy for agents to locate and reference specific contact center announcements. Chat capabilities, announcements, alerts, polls, and surveys allow teams to stay informed and collaborate with ease, reducing noise from third-party applications and keeping them focused on the task at hand. Plus, managers can more effectively monitor performance without being overbearing.

Connect provides a structured and organized way to present information, with clear titles, categories, and timestamps, making it easy for agents to locate and reference specific contact center announcements

Having internal information right at their fingertips and embedded in their workspace frees up your teams’ time for strategic collaboration by automating routine tasks with LiveVox ‘s workflow automation capabilities. For instance, you can set up automated notifications for critical customer support issues, ensuring prompt resolution without manual intervention.

Pro Tip: Explore the Workflow Builder to create custom workflows tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

5. Centralize information

LiveVox ‘s message and file search functionality make it easy to find information when you need it most. By centralizing communication within LiveVox , you create a searchable knowledge base that enables teams to quickly access and share relevant information.

Pro Tip: Encourage the use of hashtags and consistent file naming conventions to make information retrieval even more efficient.

6. Foster a culture of open communication

Effective collaboration goes beyond tools; it’s about fostering a culture of open communication. Encourage teams to share ideas, challenges, and successes in LiveVox news feeds dedicated to knowledge sharing, brainstorming, and collaborating.

Pro Tip: Recognize and celebrate competitions or other team achievements to incentivize a culture of openness and cooperation.

Collaboration across departments is not a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have. The data is clear: businesses that prioritize cross-functional collaboration see happier customers, higher revenues, and lower operational costs.

LiveVox Connect empowers your teams to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working toward a common goal—delivering a consistent and exceptional customer experience. By implementing the actionable strategies outlined in this post, you can harness the full potential of LiveVox Connect and drive your organization toward CX excellence.

Did you know?
Contact Center AI is easy to do with LiveVox - Get the AI Starter Kit

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