How LiveVox Is Reshaping The Patient Experience Through Digital Engagement

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Open enrollment presents a unique set of healthcare changes for providers each year. 

The complex landscape of rules, ever-evolving legislation, and the influx in Medicaid enrollments, especially in the wake of the pandemic and measures like the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, make the enrollment process even more intricate. Providers constantly seek strategies to streamline this journey, balancing efficiency with patient convenience. 

That’s where LiveVox comes in. Our recent case study showcases how we’re helping to streamline the enrollment process, giving providers cutting-edge digital engagement solutions tailored for these challenges. 

A digital-first Medicaid enrollment strategy helps Americans simplify access to healthcare

Amid healthcare changes, Medicaid enrollment has undergone a profound makeover. With over 12 million additional Americans annually seeking Medicaid coverage, the demand for streamlined processes has surged. Navigating healthcare pathways while juggling home- and work-life complexities has become a pivotal challenge for those seeking essential healthcare access.

Addressing these evolving needs, Centauri Health Solutions—a trailblazer in hospital and health plan eligibility solutions—embarked on a vital mission. Their objective: expedite Medicaid enrollment through an inventive digital-first approach. This strategic shift was a direct response to the urgency of adapting to healthcare changes, offering accessible solutions tailored to the evolving dynamics of healthcare seekers.

At the heart of this transformation lies the synergy between Centauri and LiveVox. Powered by our cutting-edge contact-center-as-a-service (CCaaS) platform, Centauri orchestrated a powerful shift in Medicaid enrollment dynamics. The core of this shift was expanding Medicaid enrollment specialists’ accessibility via seamless digital messaging—a channel aligned with the preferences of healthcare applicants prioritizing convenience and flexibility.

This integration of digital engagement reaped tangible rewards. Enhanced convenience translated into tangible benefits for health plans. Once unconventional, engaging with members through digital channels emerged as an effective strategy, bridging gaps and elevating enrollment rates. A striking instance of this success is the remarkable +3X growth in digital messaging engagement for Medicaid enrollment.

LiveVox’s ability to unify diverse engagement channels is at the epicenter of this triumph. This synergy facilitated seamless transitions between digital and voice interactions, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized experience for each applicant. As healthcare changes redefine the landscape, Centauri’s partnership with LiveVox underscores a commitment to innovation, transformation, and enriching the patient experience through dynamic engagement strategies. 

SMS and self-service revolutionize patient engagement during the pandemic

As the pandemic reshaped healthcare, patient engagement underwent an unexpected transformation. Hospitals relying on in-person Medicaid enrollment faced a seismic shift prompted by healthcare changes, thrusting them into a digital-first era and demanding swift engagement strategy overhauls.

During these unique challenges, healthcare enrollment leader MedAssist® embarked on an innovative adaptation journey

During these unique challenges, healthcare enrollment leader MedAssist® embarked on an innovative adaptation journey. The evolving landscape necessitated a responsive approach catering to patients’ digital-first preferences as they sought convenience and flexibility in healthcare interactions.

Teaming up with LiveVox, MedAssist® embarked on a transformative path. The goal was clear: to adapt to healthcare changes and elevate the patient experience to new heights. This gave rise to a groundbreaking approach—harnessing the synergy of SMS and self-service.

At the heart of this innovation lay the fusion of an IVR system with an SMS self-service option. This potent combination empowered patients to navigate their enrollment screenings through remote interactions. The strategic integration of the SMS self-service option resonated with patients’ evolving preferences, enabling them to complete enrollment at their convenience.

The impact was remarkable. In just 14 business days, the solution ushered in a new era of patient engagement. Outcomes were striking—patient enrollment screenings surged, riding the wave of the SMS and self-service revolution.

LiveVox’s cutting-edge platform formed the bedrock of this transformation. Empowerment took center stage as the solution enabled individuals to self-serve, SMS consent ensuring compliance. The seamless SMS integration within the IVR framework crafted a dynamic and user-centric patient journey, significantly enhancing enrollment rates.

Amid the pandemic’s ongoing reshaping of healthcare paradigms, the MedAssist® and LiveVox partnership shines as an innovation beacon. Our collaboration enabled them to not only adapt to healthcare changes but fundamentally redefine patient interactions in the digital age. This evolution underscores their commitment to delivering exceptional patient experiences, even in the face of formidable challenges. 

Embracing the future of healthcare engagement

In an age of dynamic shifts, where healthcare landscapes are reshaped, leaders like Centauri Health Solutions and MedAssist® spearhead change. Their adoption of innovative solutions showcases how proactive responses to healthcare changes can revolutionize patient engagement.

In an age of dynamic shifts, where healthcare landscapes are reshaped, leaders like Centauri Health Solutions and MedAssist® spearhead change

Recent shifts in healthcare aren’t mere tweaks; they’re monumental upheavals. The 13% year-over-year surge in Americans seeking Medicaid coverage underscores the urgency to rewrite norms. Relying solely on traditional paradigms falls short—it’s vital to recalibrate strategies to align with evolving healthcare dynamics.

Centauri Health Solutions and MedAssist® stand at the forefront of this transformation. Their resounding message is clear: innovation isn’t optional; it’s the bedrock of effective adaptation to healthcare changes.

At the heart of this journey lies LiveVox’s technology. In reshaping patient experiences, LiveVox’s advanced solutions catalyze profound change. The odyssey begins with streamlined Medicaid enrollment—a once-daunting process. Through LiveVox’s CCaaS platform, Centauri Health Solutions navigated this with grace. Expanding access to Medicaid enrollment specialists via digital messaging met the need for real-time assistance, aligning with patient preferences for digital interactions.

The outcomes speak for themselves. Elevated enrollment rates underscore technology’s pivotal role in enhancing patient experiences. In a landscape marked by constant changes, Centauri’s collaboration with LiveVox embodies an approach that not only keeps pace but propels innovation.

Within this spectrum, MedAssist® stands as a beacon of adaptation. When the pandemic disrupted engagement strategies, MedAssist® responded swiftly. To cater to digital-first patients, they partnered with LiveVox, introducing a novel solution. Marrying an IVR system with an SMS self-service option heralded a new era of patient empowerment. As healthcare changes steered preferences toward digital-first interactions, patient enrollment screenings surged.

This embrace of technology and foresight in anticipating healthcare changes resulted in solutions bridging gaps and amplifying patient experiences. The journey undertaken by Centauri Health Solutions, MedAssist®, and LiveVox affirms that innovation isn’t isolated—it’s woven seamlessly into the fabric of healthcare adaptation. 

These case studies underscore the significance of a digital-first approach in patient engagement. By leveraging LiveVox’s advanced solutions, healthcare providers can bridge the gap between patients’ evolving preferences and healthcare services. As healthcare continues to evolve, LiveVox remains committed to empowering you with the tools you need to enhance patient experiences.To find out more about how LiveVox’s transformative solutions can reshape patient engagement in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, click here.

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