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What is a Screen Pop?

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What is a Screen Pop?

In the context of a contact center agent desktop, a screen pop refers to the automatic display of relevant customer information on an agent’s computer screen when a call or interaction is received. When an incoming call or interaction is identified by the contact center system, it triggers a screen pop that retrieves and presents relevant customer data from the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or other integrated systems.

The screen pop is designed to provide the agent with immediate access to important customer details, such as previous interactions, purchase history, account information, preferences, and any other relevant data. This real-time display of customer information allows agents to quickly understand the customer’s context and provide personalized and efficient service.

Screen pops can be customized based on the specific needs of the contact center. The information displayed may vary depending on the integration capabilities and the data available in the systems used by the contact center. By eliminating the need for agents to manually search for customer information, screen pops help streamline interactions, reduce call handling time, and enhance the overall customer experience.

In addition to displaying customer data, screen pops can also trigger workflow automation, such as presenting scripted prompts or offering predefined actions for agents to follow based on the customer’s profile or specific situation. This helps guide agents through the interaction and ensures consistent and efficient service delivery.

Screen pops in a contact center agent desktop provide agents with instant access to relevant customer information, enabling them to deliver personalized service and efficiently handle customer interactions.

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The Importance of CTI IVR: What Are Screen Pops?

In today’s contact center environment, when people talk about CTI technology, they’re often talking about screen pops.

Simply put, a screen pop describes caller information that’s populated on an agent’s screen during the handling of a call. This goes for both inbound and outbound calls.

It give agents an instant look at a caller’s history, last agent spoken to, ticket number, payment history, account balance, and more. During calls or even after, agents can also use the same popping window to make live notes and updates, as well as edit customer data and information.

5 Ways in Empowering Contact Center Agents

Information provided in a screen pop must be able to show general account information (e.g. name and account number) and other information that may be related to why the customer is calling. These data filters should be highly customized based on what may be most relevant about the customer. In addition, if the customer has entered any information through an IVR prior to reaching the agent, that information should also be made available to the agent in the popping window.

LiveVox Delivers Cloud-Based Switching for Multi-Site Contact Centers

LiveVox Inc., the provider of the Private VoIP Cloud(TM) and integrated contact center applications, today announced cloud-based switching for multi-site contact centers. Through the LiveVox Private VoIP Cloud(TM), contact centers can now execute multi-site call routing without site-based switching or expensive and limited “intelligent” networking hardware.

Cloud-based switching enables contact centers to more seamlessly execute multi-site call routing with real-time visibility into agent presence at all locations. Site-to-site voice/data transfers and screen pops are delivered without reliance on site-premised PBXs or network routing “master node” hardware. LiveVox fully integrates this into call center applications such as ACD, predictive dialer, IVR, PBX, and call recording.

Did you know?
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