Real-Time Speech Analytics

What is Real-time speech analytics

Real-time speech analytics record, transcribe, and analyze calls within a contact center as they are taking place in real time. Real-time speech analytics provides in the moment insight into customer interactions by using natural language processing to flag keywords. 

Real-time speech analytics gives call center managers the ability to easily identify high risk calls, locate previous calls, and use previously speech transcribed call data to create automated reports showcasing a variety of analytics. 

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Compared to our competitors, SpeechIQ has an incredibly user-friendly, business-focused interface, meaning that your decision-makers will be able to access game-changing insights at-will without the need to go through a data analyst and wait for results. And, you can be up and running in a matter of days as a result of our straightforward, streamlined implementation and integration process

Data: 10 Speech Analytics Best Practices | LiveVox

Speech analytics tools allow you to analyze your agents’ performance in real time. Our SpeechIQ tool, for example, has automatic and customizable agent scorecards. These scorecards give you the ability to understand how your entire team is dealing with the delivery of key business requirements like legal statements, policy adherence, and on-brand communication standards. If things aren’t going well, you can get notified promptly and handle accordingly.

Using Speech Analytics Software to Scale QA in the Contact Center – LiveVox

There are many benefits to utilizing speech analytics and it can easily be built into your CRM for added convenience. While automation is very useful, it should never completely replace human beings in the workplace. It is meant to aid your team and speech analytics is a perfect example of how a quality assurance team can take automation and work towards a higher standard. The following are some of the ways this technology can assist the QA team in meeting their goals.

Speech Analytics: Benefits in Remote Call Centers | LiveVox

The best source material for making improvements to your business is real data from your agents and customers. When everyone’s working remotely, though, you lack that finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your office and with your customers. Think of speech analytics as your personal barometer for how things are going and what needs your attention.

The Past, Present, and Future of Speech Analytics – LiveVox

Artificial Intelligence is another new development, the most common application being “Natural Language Processing” (NLP). NLP takes the unstructured text and transforms it into normalized structured dialogue, which allows for cleaner, richer analysis along with the ability to drive machine learning. Think of products such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

Some of today’s contact centers are using AI for predictive analysis. This is helping them to predict the outcome of calls, predict agent or customer behavior, and better understand the customer experience.

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