Multi-Channel Support

Understanding Transfer Learning in Large Language Models and How To Use It For Contact Center Efficiency. What is Multi-Channel Support?

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What is Multi-Channel Support?

Multi-channel support recognizes and addresses customer preferences, delivering a satisfying and accessible customer experience.

Multi-channel support provides the ability for contact centers or customer service operations to provide assistance and engage with customers across multiple communication channels. It recognizes that customers have different preferences and may choose to interact through various channels such as phone calls, emails, live chat, social media, SMS/text messaging, or self-service portals.

Here are some key aspects of multi-channel support:

Channel Variety: Customers can interact through traditional channels (phone calls, emails) as well as newer channels (live chat, social media, messaging apps), offering them flexibility.
Seamless Integration: Different communication channels are integrated into a unified platform or CRM system, ensuring a consistent customer experience and easy management for agents.
Consistent Experience: Agents have access to customer history and information across channels, providing personalized support and maintaining continuity in interactions.
Omnichannel Approach: Advanced multi-channel support where all channels are connected and synchronized, allowing customers to switch seamlessly without repeating information.
Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: Monitoring tools track performance and customer satisfaction across channels, enabling data-driven improvements and resource allocation.
Training and Skills Development: Agents are trained to handle interactions across various channels, understanding the nuances and best practices associated with each.

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Customer Experience Management Is Key in Contact Centers

Customers understand that levels of service may differ from channel to channel. But only to an extent. They do expect customer service to remain largely consistent. But with companies employing multi-channel support, it makes it difficult to ensure this consistency without the right management tools.

In today’s hyper-connected world, multichannel engagement is crucial for contact centers to meet consumer expectations. However, integrating new channels requires using consent management best practices. Contact center leaders can ensure compliance and campaign effectiveness by effectively managing consumer consent.

Respecting privacy and building trust are key factors in consent management for multichannel contact centers. Consent management best practices involve capturing consent in existing workflows, determining storage locations, and establishing a centralized system of records for consent across channels. Understanding consent requirements specific to each channel is essential to avoid compliance risks.

Managing consumer consent offers two pivotal benefits. Firstly, it ensures compliance with channel-specific consent rules, such as those for commercial, transactional, non-commercial, and emergency messages in email and SMS. Secondly, it increases campaign effectiveness by implementing two key best practices.

  1. Express Consent: Capturing confirmed consent for email communication prevents blocklisting and helps your contact center maintain a positive reputation. Avoiding loopholes and relying on proper consent safeguards your outreach campaigns.
  2. Centralized Consent Storage: Storing consents across channels in a centralized system enables intelligent multichannel campaigns. It eliminates silos, allows real-time tracking of consent revocations, and facilitates prompt re-engagement on alternative channels with consent.

At LiveVox, we understand the significance of consent management best practices and offer solutions to support your journey toward a robust and compliant multichannel contact center. Contact us at to learn more about LiveVox and how we can help you navigate consent management best practices, build trust, ensure compliance, and deliver exceptional multichannel experiences to your customers.

Omnichannel Customer Service: Understanding Omnichannel Contact Centers

Offering more than one communication channel is just table stakes these days for contact centers. While voice still remains a necessary component to issue escalation, many customers start their journeys on self-initiated digital channels. 

Closing the cross-channel gap is the biggest hurdle to attaining true omnichannel in contact centers today. According to Deloitte’s 2019 Contact Center Survey Report, only 11% of respondents said their customer experience is identical across channels. Compare that with the whopping 54% that reported they are diligently working to close the gap as the experience is different across channels and the problem becomes clearer. 

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