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CCaaS is a great option for modern-day contact centers looking to scale up operations. What is customer service saas?

Customer service SaaS is software designed to help call center agents execute customer service activities. SaaS, which stands for Software As A Service, is generally defined as a subscription-based software. Customer service SaaS is sometimes a platform that functions as a CRM. Agents use CRM SaaS to access customer information, make calls, process payments, or update contact details. Call centers pay a monthly fee to access these platforms. They usually offer differently priced tiers with varying features. Since these are cloud-based services, remote agents can access them from anywhere with an Internet connection. Customer service SaaS is what most call centers use to operate today.

Before SaaS, call centers would use customer service software installed into individual computers. Now as technology has advanced, call centers have transitioned to cloud-based services. Customer service SaaS houses a call center’s customer database. It integrates into the call center’s automatic dialer so that agents can make calls directly from customer accounts. Customer service software also gives agents access to omnichannel features. For example, customer service agents can send customers emails or SMS messages directly from their accounts on the platform. The customer’s information provided gives agents the ability to personalize every interaction. Reviewing the customer’s account history allows agents to better understand each customer. Customer service SaaS also helps improve agent coaching and training. These platforms have the ability to record calls and screen activity for every agent and customer interaction. Team leadership can leverage these recordings to help agents with performance issues realize what areas they need to improve.

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LiveVox CcaaS Platform | Cloud Contact Center As A Service

Purpose-built specifically for contact centers, LiveVox’s full CCaaS suite integrates Omnichannel, WEM, Analytics and AI into a powerful command center that gives you complete control over contact center performance.

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Many SaaS providers offer tiered solutions for their products, with each tier packaging a certain kind of product or types of features together and building on access and functionality with each tier. For example, if you purchase a basic access tier to an analytics platform, the cost could be a flat rate per month or annually, or it could be based on the number of licenses purchased per user. LiveVox’s Inbound Contact Center bundle shows how software can be tiered as we offer an entry level or basic package all the way up to an advanced or “elite” package.

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With legacy contact center platforms, making updates is a time- and labor-intensive process, one that often requires enlisting the skills of costly specialists. This isn’t the case with a cloud-based CCaaS. Its cloud-based nature means new functionality can be deployed rapidly without huge overhead costs. What’s more, it can be improved upon often to meet your changing needs as your organization evolves.

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