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what is AI customer service? Learn more about the definition here.

AI enables customer service systems to perceive their environment, deal with what they perceive, solve problems, and act to achieve a specific goal.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is the substitution of human intelligence processes with technology and machine learning. Through computer programming, software tools can perform tasks commonly associated with live human interactions such as chat and text conversations, offer decisioning, capacity planning, and even volume and schedule forecasting. 

AI customer service is commonly associated with conversational IVRs, voice assistants, virtual agents, and chatbots, but it can be applied in many ways for customer service use cases. Speech analytics and agent assistance are also examples of AI assisted service.

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Contact Center Artificial Intelligence

Quickly implement practical AI capabilities, including Virtual Agents and Chatbots, that can be easily optimized and scaled regardless of platform.

AI Virtual Agents

Easily incorporate no-code Virtual Agents that increase efficiency, create a better CX, and enhance live agent interactions—on any platform.

How Do AI Virtual Agents Lower Service Costs?

Labor costs are the most expensive line item in anyone’s cost sheet. With organizations spending over $350B on customer service collectively, many are looking to AI and virtual agents to flatten overhead costs.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Transform Your Customer Operations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way contact centers operate. From standardizing interactions with customers, to 24/7 availability, to analyzing conversations that provide valuable information to businesses, AI is the new necessity for improving customer service.

6 Ways AI and NLP are Transforming Customer Service

With access to a wealth of customer data, technology at their fingertips, and a massive workforce with which to test and implement innovative customer service solutions, the contact center industry is a prime candidate for the deployment of leading-edge tools like artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP).

AI Use Cases for the Modern Contact Center

We’re big proponents of taking the mystery out of AI, so we’ve broken down five real-world use cases for AI in the contact center to inspire your customer strategy and help you stay ahead of the machine learning curve.

AI and Help Desks: The Future of Customer Service is Already Here

Together, AI technology and machine learning are powering faster and more effective customer service resolutions, taking humans largely out of the equation when it comes to the mundane, rote tasks that take up time, slow productivity, and negatively impact morale. 

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