CRM Solutions

A CRM solution gives a complete view of the customer and provides access to information from one configurable dashboard.

CRM solutions are customer relationship management software tools that house data in a public or private cloud by the CRM service provider as opposed to on-premise or in-house.

CRM solutions are flexible and customizable and usually integrate well with other applications and third-party systems. CRM solutions are typically used to cut down manual work related to sales, marketing, and any customer-facing enterprise where large amounts of data and tracking need to be linked together to provide a comprehensive view of business activity. 

Because they are so flexible, CRM solutions can be used to perform a multitude of tasks including tracking interactions with customers and prospects, enhancing customer interactions through insights into preferences and trends, improving lead funnels, and automating and analyzing data in order to economize processes. 

While the breadth and depth of CRM solution features vary from provider to provider, most CRM solutions  include: 

  • Contact management
  • Contact database
  • Record linking
  • Reminders and notifications by account
  • Segmentation
  • Customizable pipelines that include reporting
  • Analytics

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Data is a hot commodity these days and businesses rely heavily on customer data to inform their decisions to improve products or services and help build those customer relationships. That’s why a good CRM system is so essential today. A CRM system will do the heavy lifting for you and let you focus on big-picture things.

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The truth about AI in the contact center is that despite its exciting and promising capabilities—and there are many of them—it cannot and does not replace the capabilities of living, breathing agents. Instead, AI in the contact center is at its most effective when it’s used in a complementary fashion with human agents, to enhance their output rather than attempting to take their place.

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Small- and mid-size organizations, in particular, are driving the growth as they adopt cloud contact center technology for the first time. The flexibility, scalability, security and sustainability of the cloud make it the ideal contact center solution for businesses of all types.

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The net benefit of a CRM is the ability to act as a single source of truth for your team by surfacing all relevant information in one location. Moreover, when digital channels are tied into your CRM you allow agents to expand their communication  – as well as your ability for oversight since all conversations are tracked & recorded at the account level.

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