Bulk Text Messaging

What is the definition of Bulk Text Messaging?
What is Bulk Text Messaging?

Bulk text messaging is a marketing strategy that involves creating and sending out a text message to a large list of people. Bulk text messages are usually sent through a bulk SMS sender. Companies usually use this strategy to reach out to customers to announce updates, changes, promotions, and more. Before a company sends out bulk text messages, the customers they are reaching out to must have given consent to receiving communications via text message beforehand. 

Call center agents can leverage using bulk text messages to increase the chances of getting more customer responses.  When crafting a bulk SMS message, it’s important to be clear and professional. Messages should also be concise while offering a strong call to action. Agents can also send bulk text messages through their CRM, further maximizing their efficiency. If the bulk text sender is integrated into agents’ customer service tools, it’s easier for them to successfully engage with customers. Customers who get a text message from a company also tend to reply much faster, so agents can quickly work through their tasks without having to wait for a response. Instead of calling customers one-by-one to deliver the same message, agents can use text messaging  and save a significant amount of time. Agents who are cold-calling can also benefit from bulk text messaging. Many times customers do not answer the phone from numbers they don’t recognize. Sending a text instead makes customers aware of who is reaching out to them, and gives them an option to call or interact via text. 

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This is because brand-to-customer SMS messaging is protected by the same regulations as calls to cell phones. Just like there are rules about how you can conduct calls to cell phones that come with some pretty steep fines, TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) governs text messages, too. In broad strokes, TCPA states that organizations must obtain written, explicit consent from the customer before contact can be made on a mobile channel. 

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