AI Sentiment Analysis

What is AI Sentiment Analysis?

AI sentiment analysis is a feature that analytic software uses to analyze human speech. Call centers rely on AI sentiment analysis tools to transcribe agent and customer interactions for the purpose of providing reports that indicate either a neutral, positive, or negative emotion. The AI sentiment tool can analyze a customer’s tone, pitch, and speed to determine their overall emotion. AI sentiment software brings immense value for call center leadership. Management can identify the emotion associated with various trending topics customers call about. This helps drive important business decisions. For example, if a trending topic includes new products or offerings, sentiment scores can reveal emotions customers are exhibiting about them. This information can help point companies in the right direction.

Understanding customer emotions helps companies meet their customers’ needs. AI sentiment analysis tools can also reveal agents who may be having performance issues. By analyzing calls labeled as “negative” on sentiment reports, team leadership can look for patterns. Each call on these reports includes details such as agent name, talk time, reason for the call, and keywords. If a particular agent is often associated with negatively labeled calls, team supervisors can intervene and provide extra targeted training and coaching. AI sentiment analysis tools are also used to highlight agent best practices. Reports provided by the sentiment software will also indicate all calls labeled as positive. Agents that show consistent quality calls can provide insight into the best techniques and strategies that new trainees can practice. Agents with performance issues can also benefit from listening to those calls. They can improve their approach by getting a better idea of what ideal customer interactions look like.

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