January 12, 2023

Getting Started With WhatsApp Business: New at LiveVox!

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Getting Started With WhatsApp Business: New at LiveVox!

Are you interested in getting started with WhatsApp Business? Many contact centers are coming to rely on WhatsApp to provide their customers with an improved experience. In the past, WhatsApp was only known as a messaging platform that friends and family used to communicate with each other, despite the location and timezone. Now, businesses have caught on to the benefits that the platform provides, leveraging newer features tailored to their needs. 

WhatsApp messaging allows customers to receive instant communication and removes the need to wait on hold or wait for an email reply. It also helps increase engagement and improve the customer experience because businesses can meet customers where they are. Many customers prefer to use a messaging platform thanks to their convenience and speed, particularly in today’s fast-paced environment. 

Generally, implementing a messaging platform can take an extensive amount of time and money. It could require approval from various departments within a company in addition to budgeting decisions. Some messaging platforms may not be as scalable, and there is still the question of whether customers would want to use a new messaging app they aren’t familiar with. WhatsApp, who boasts over 2 billion users globally, has always provided a convenient way for customers and businesses to communicate, which makes it the perfect platform for companies to implement into their operational workflows. 

A new cloud-based digital channel available on LiveVox

LiveVox now offers cloud based access to WhatsApp directly on the platform – no APIs necessary, providing contact centers with easy and secure cloud-hosting services for the social channel. This allows contact centers to quickly access messages on WhatsApp right alongside customer communication coming in through email, SMS, and chat. Like other LiveVox products, WhatsApp templates are customizable so you can tailor them to meet your needs.

LiveVox now offers cloud based access to WhatsApp directly on the platform - no APIs necessary

As you continue getting started With WhatsApp Business, the addition of WhatsApp to the LiveVox platform allows agents to gain access to new features without the hassle of incorporating yet another channel into your flows since setup is handled through us as your provider. Getting started with WhatsApp for LiveVox is simple, and gives agents access to a dashboard where they can respond and engage with customers who send them messages.

Much like SMS or chat, customers can initiate a conversation via WhatsApp through your company’s website, email ad, social media ad, and more. The swift communication turn around gives contact centers an advantage by improving the quality of their customer service.

WhatsApp account overview

Your WhatsApp interactions come with a user-friendly dashboard that shows messages, templates, analytics, and more. Under the Phone Numbers section, contact centers can see the phone numbers associated with their WhatsApp Business Platform. The Insights section provides the analytics needed to understand metrics related to all conversations. Users can see data linked to free and paid conversations, as well as approximate charges. All Messages will show users messages received, delivered, and sent within the past 24 hours.

Your WhatsApp interactions come with a user-friendly dashboard that shows messages, templates, analytics, and more.

WhatsApp Message Templates

Message Templates help businesses maximize the efficiency of their communication efforts. By setting up templates, users can quickly send out pre-approved templates with dynamic fields to engage customers in a personalized and effective manner. Having pre-approved message templates ready to go is critical to streamlining WhatsApp communication workflows. Meta must approve each template before use, and this can sometimes take up to 24-hours to complete. Developers should test each template out before sending them out to customers to ensure they function correctly. They can send a test message to their company WhatsApp Business phone number from a consumer WhatsApp account, triggering a 24-hour response window. During this window, they can send text, media, contacts, and locations. Once this is verified as working, businesses can begin to launch conversations with real customers.

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