Dynamic Dialing For Maximum Efficiency: Unwrapping The Benefits Of Automatic Call Distribution Software

Dynamic Dialing For Maximum Efficiency: Unwrapping The Benefits Of Automatic Call Distribution Software

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One of the core features within a contact center is its ACD, or Automatic Call Distribution software. An ACD helps sort and route incoming calls to the right person. When a customer calls a contact center, an IVR (Integrated Voice Response)  system will ask them what kind of help they need. A customer can either speak their selection or use a touch-tone dial pad to let the IVR know where they would like to be transferred. An IVR will then send them to the right person or department.

In the past, when contact centers relied only on voice to communicate with customers, an IVR was also only limited to the same channel. However, now that contact centers have expanded to omnichannel systems, customers can communicate through webchat, text, and email. Advanced IVR solutions were developed as a result. These systems can handle and route incoming requests across multiple channels including email, text, and webchat. In addition, newer IVR systems provide better features that older ones don’t have. These newer, more advanced features have better routing capabilities that enhance both the agent and customer experience.

Why modernizing your call center’s ACD is important

A contact center without the right tools can’t fully meet customers’ needs. Providing a smooth experience for customers and agents continues to be a top priority for contact center leadership. Investing in the right tools and software allows for more efficient agent and customer interactions. Here you’ll find 4 reasons why modernizing your call center’s ACD is a must for the success of your business.

Why modernizing your call center’s ACD is important

Better customer experience

Outdated ACD  software that is incapable of routing incoming text, chat, and email removes the customer’s ability to choose their channel of choice. For example, if an automated chatbot is unable to provide a customer with answers they’re looking for, the customer still ends up having to make a phone call. The purpose of offering omni channel communication is to provide customers with a convenient way to ask for help. Many favor chat, text, and email over voice calls. When those options are removed, a negative customer experience can result. 

Many outdated ACD software programs function as standalone platforms. This means that it can’t “talk” to other programs, which can limit the extent of its abilities. Newer systems have integrative abilities that enhance the customer experience. LiveVox’s ACD solution integrates with its Unified CRM. When a customer calls in, the ACD can recognize the phone number the call is coming from and connect it to the corresponding account in the CRM. When an agent answers, the customer’s data is already populated on the screen, and customers can receive faster service. 

Skills-based routing

Advanced ACD solutions, such as LiveVox’s Automatic Call Distributor software, have the ability to intelligently route incoming requests according to agent skill. An example could be when a customer calls in and needs to speak with a Spanish-speaking (or any other language) agent. Older ACD software platforms would traditionally route the customer to the right department, but without the skills-based routing, the answering agent would have to transfer the customer again. LiveVox’s ACD drives personalized interactions through its integrated IVR system. The IVR can interpret a customer’s request, such as the need to speak to a bilingual agent, and route them to the right person. This smooth and seamless  transition is part of a positive customer experience. 

Advanced ACD software solutions, such as LiveVox’s Automatic Call Distributor, have the ability to intelligently route incoming requests according to agent skill

Other examples of skill-based routing include skill levels. A customer may want to speak with a supervisor or to an agent in the billing department. Advanced ACD software platforms would be able to immediately transfer callers straight to the right person without needing someone in the middle.

Performance Analytics

Another feature of newer ACD software platforms is their ability to collect and analyze data. This provides call center leadership with valuable metrics such as call volume, hold times, average talk time, and more. This can provide leadership with insight that can drive better business decisions. Call volume is an important number to track historically so that supervisors can make informed scheduling and staffing arrangements. Metrics such as average hold times and talk times can provide supervisors with insight into agent performance. LiveVox’s Performance Analytics solution provides users with detailed reports that indicate various metrics for every agent. This makes it easier for leadership to identify those that need more support and training. 

Cloud-based ACD software

Now that remote work has become commonplace, it’s important for call centers to have the right tools to provide agents with the support they need to do their jobs. LiveVox’s ACD solution is cloud-based. This means that customers can be routed to any agent, regardless of location. Cloud-based ACD software platforms are easy to maintain and make scaling effortless. 

LiveVox has over 20 years of experience developing solutions for the call center. Consider implementing LiveVox’s Unified CRM and ACD to improve the agent experience and provide customers with quality, personalized support.

Did you know?
Contact Center AI is easy to do with LiveVox - Get the AI Starter Kit

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