October 18, 2022

CX Cloud Solutions and Their Impact on Call Centers in 2023

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CX Cloud Solutions and Their Impact on Call Centers

CX cloud technology is constantly evolving, and the customer service solutions call centers employ to enhance the customer experience have changed right along with it. Fifteen years ago, texting a customer service agent for support for your Internet service would’ve seemed unrealistic. Now, customers have multiple modes of communication to choose from, such as webchat, SMS, and email. 

Another example of evolving technology has been the way companies store data. The phrase “storing data in the cloud” may have once triggered confused looks. Now storing data and hosting software in such a virtual and secure landscape is usually default. The immense amount of data circulating through call centers generally requires massive servers for hosting and storage. However, these on-premise setups can be difficult and expensive to install, scale, and upkeep. Physical servers can also be problematic when repairs are needed. Many times they require their own company’s IT techs that are specially trained to troubleshoot their equipment. 

A cloud environment makes data accessible from anywhere in the world. In a contact center, this makes remote work easy because agents can connect and work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Hosting a customer service platform on a cloud environment is markedly less expensive and much simpler to troubleshoot. The numerous benefits that a cloud environment provides over on-premise alternatives reveals why the call center industry has shifted towards cloud-based solutions. 

Cloud-based solutions and their impact on CX

There are many cloud-based solutions that help enhance the customer experience. Many times customers benefit from them indirectly because they function as tools agents use to streamline workflows. Below is a descriptive list of four ways that cloud-based solutions help improve CX in a contact center. 

Cloud-based solutions and their impact on CX

Better security

Cloud-based CRM solutions, such as the LiveVox Unified CRM, store customer data securely in a cloud environment. With dedicated security teams and numerous certifications such as PCI DSS and SOC 2, LiveVox’s level of cloud security is far above what a call center would have with on-site servers. 

Expansion and growth also poses a risk to security if servers need to be relocated. Fragile hard drives with mountains of data can risk accidents that cause hardware malfunctions. Customer data can be vulnerable when a company needs to move. If someone steals or accidentally takes a hard drive, they may have access to sensitive customer information. 

Hard drives can also be easily misplaced amongst other drives and equipment. Scalability is much less risky on a cloud-based platform since everything is done virtually. Data recovery, particularly at LiveVox, provides reliable backup. A cloud-based CRM provides customers peace of mind knowing that their personal data is safe. 

Continuously updated features

When a contact center platform is hosted on a cloud, new updates are quickly accessible. For example, the LiveVox platform provides 40+ new features every update. These may include regulatory updates or software features. The cloud-based platform is automatically updated with every LiveVox release. Customers reap the benefits of the always-improving workflows and tools that provide a smoother customer experience. 

Optimized agent workflows

Through a cloud-based call center solution, agents can get to the information they need instantly. Siloed data is a problem for many companies. Employees may find themselves stuck and unable to execute tasks that require information from another software program they do not have access to on their computer. 

These bottlenecks slow down productivity. LiveVox’s cloud-based call center solutions all communicate and integrate with each other. This makes data retrieval effortless for agents. That’s especially important during every customer interaction because it prevents long, awkward periods of silence. Those moments often happen when agents can’t find or access the data they need. 

As an alternative, agents may put customers on hold for too long. Data sources that are accessible through one platform help agents provide highly efficient support. The customer interaction is smooth and uninterrupted. As a result, agents bring an enhanced customer experience. 

Efficient communication

Contact centers can streamline their communication through cloud-based solutions. Having all channels of communication in one place allows agents to quickly reach a customer based on their preference. Cloud-based customer solution software can also store all past interactions with customers, giving agents context for every phone call. 

Contact centers can streamline their communication through cloud-based solutions.

The LiveVox cloud-based solution provides omnichannel engagement that brings customers convenience. Agents can communicate with customers through the channel of customers’ choice such as webchat, SMS, email, and voice. Providing multiple channels of communication reduces call volume. It also helps lower hold times for customers who need to speak with an agent. This results in a more personalized interaction and adds to a positive customer experience. 

LiveVox’s cloud-based customer service solutions help maximize workflows in a call center. It empowers agents to provide customers the support they need through the use of software tools specifically designed around standard call center operations. Consider implementing a cloud-based solution in your call center to improve CX. Learn more about the LiveVox Way here

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