December 19, 2022

Customer Communication Management – 3 Key Integrations

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Customer Communication Management - 3 Key Integrations

One of the most important aspects of any company is its customer communication management. Although omnichannel platforms give customers more flexibility when it comes to how they choose to communicate, it’s critical for companies to know how to communicate with them.

Communication styles are an integral part of the way that call centers operate. Agents may take thousands of calls per day. They may undergo thorough training about a company’s services and products. A part of that training usually also focuses on communication techniques. Call centers may also provide scripts for agents. Scripts hold the verbiage agents need to deliver the target message. 

How can workflow integrations Improve customer communication?

Many of the ways that companies understand the needs of their customers comes from direct methods like CSAT surveys. Even so, agents may not always realize the nuances that come with every interaction. Uncovering what customers need can also be revealed in what they don’t say, or even in what your agents don’t have available to them. Read on to learn which three integrations can help call centers gain insight into their customers’ perspectives to enhance agent interactions.

The gamification of wallboards: LiveVow lets you view quality & call monitoring analytics alongside queues

Quality monitoring is a valuable tool that call centers can leverage to identify high-risk calls. In addition, it also serves as a learning resource for other agents. Quality monitoring can also capture positive customer interactions with call recording. Call center management can listen to those interactions to understand what style of engagement customers respond to the best. Customers may not know how to vocalize what those positive interactions entail, and simply chalk it up to good customer service. However, the term “good communication” is quite vague and can be difficult to dissect in every call. This is why the LiveVox Quality Management Solution is superior when it comes to improving customer communication strategies. Through the use of advanced technology, 

Quality monitoring is a valuable tool that call centers can leverage to identify high-risk calls

LiveVox provides Automated Scorecards that rank and score each interaction. SpeechIQ is a tool that transcribes and applies meaning to words. It also looks at an agent’s pitch, tone, and speed. The scorecards take this data and translate it into an easy-to-digest report. Scorecards can show many different metrics. They can help show whether a customer’s problem was resolved, how long the call took, or whether any negative language was identified. The QM system uses that information to provide scorecards with the information that team management needs to improve customer communication. Call center management can find out what customers need without them articulating it directly. Agents can stay 10 steps ahead. Automated scorecards also help supervisors provide more efficient training and coaching, especially for agents who may be struggling with their performance. 

Leverage your CRM

CRM platforms provide agents with a way to improve communication with customers by helping them stay informed with customers’ past histories. For example, when an agent receives a call from a customer, their CRM account populates on the screen. Agents can then look at important information on their accounts. They can see a customer’s name, purchase history, and notes about prior interactions. 

Finding out why a customer called previously helps agents provide a more customized experience. If an agent finds that a customer has called in 3 times in the past week for the same reason, they can explore call notes left by previous agents. This helps them be better prepared to help the customer by offering an alternative solution. They are also better prepared to emphasize with callers who may already show signs of frustration. The agent and customer experience is improved as agents can access history from all channels of communication. 

The LiveVox CRM platform is an omnichannel, unified system that automatically updates interaction history in customer accounts. Interactions from all sources such as chat, SMS, email, and voice are recorded in the CRM. This improves the flow of communication between agents and customers, providing an enhanced experience. 

Ticketing Workflows

Another important integration that can improve your call center’s customer communication management is your ticketing system

Another important integration that can improve your call center’s customer communication management is your ticketing system. A ticketing system is how agents can track and resolve tech support requests. The ticketing system that a call center implements into its workflow should be able to prioritize requests. It should also be able to support help requests from different channels. The LiveVox Integrated Ticketing solution can provide customers with shareable URLS for tracking and status updates. When a customer submits a support request, they provide details about what type of help they need. 

They can self-categorize and even submit requests around the clock. Communication is also enhanced through the use of SLAs. Service Level Agreements provide a clear-cut overview of the support request, acknowledgement of its receipt, and a time frame for customers that describes how long turnaround time may be. The transparency that the LiveVox Ticketing system provides greatly improves the level of communication between a company and its customers. 

LiveVox holds more than 20 years of experience in the call center industry. We provide advanced technology that contact center management relies on to provide effective customer communication. Consider implementing the LiveVox platform into your contact center’s operations. Request a demo here to see LiveVox in action.

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