About LiveVox

We’re the leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprises

With 15+ years of developing pure cloud contact center solutions, our cloud architecture combines innovation, stability and discipline to support the complex needs of enterprise operations. LiveVox’s steady, rapid growth in these organizations exemplifies our ability to provide consistency, scale, flexibility and cost advantages in a rapidly changing environment for larger businesses. These differentiators have helped us effectively manage a huge volume of interactions per year for multi-site operations, while maintaining 99% uptime.

Innovation that makes a difference

At LiveVox, innovation melds with discipline and function as we help companies manage over 14 billion contacts a year through our platform. We think of big and bold ideas and provide practical pathways to enabling competitive advantages in the real world. Risk mitigation, channel of choice, and business intelligence are prime examples of our features that help contact center leaders tackle large issues with usable innovation. Our cloud technology model not only provides cutting-edge solutions through quarterly releases, we provide them without the need to invest in new hardware or additional resources. In addition, our open APIs and cloud platform radically simplify custom integrations or development requirements for contact centers with unique needs. In short, we keep contact centers ahead of the curve, by thinking beyond today’s challenges and developing ways to anticipate business demands of the coming years.



Achieving growth, reach and stability

Since our beginning in 1999, LiveVox has enjoyed consistent growth and an expanding global reach — today with offices in the U.S., Colombia and India, serving clients in a diverse range of industries.

Backed by Golden Gate Capital

LiveVox is a proud member of the Golden Gate Capital group of companies. This privately held firm sets itself apart from conventional private equity firms by building meaningful business partnerships focused on long-term stability and growth.


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