July 22, 2022

Cloud Ticketing System Overview

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Cloud Ticketing System Overview

Cloud ticketing systems are the core of IT companies’ and MSPs’ operations. They serve as the main hub that agents rely on to provide assistance when customers request help. IT and MSP companies (or simply IT departments) store massive amounts of information. It’s for this reason that companies have opted to turn to cloud-based ticketing systems to provide customer support.

What is a Cloud Ticketing System?

A cloud ticketing system is a platform that performs the same functions as ticketing systems that use local storage. Cloud ticketing systems, such as the platform developed by LiveVox, provide users the ability to complete a wide variety of tasks related to customer support. A few examples include:

  • Shareable URLs
  • Real-time notifications
  • Customer interaction tracking
  • Forms
  • SLAs 

Since data is stored in the cloud, companies don’t need to spend excess money on physical hardware. Scalability is made simple by increasing storage capacity in the cloud.

How Do Cloud Ticketing Systems Improve the Customer Experience?

How Do Cloud Ticketing Systems Improve the Customer Experience?

Cloud ticketing systems can perform several functions that improve the customer experience. Accessibility is an important aspect that kicks off the process after customers reach out to agents for support. Ease of access affects the quality of the interaction. Good communication is also key and prevents customers from feeling kept in the dark. Transparency shows customers that they can trust you to solve their problems.


Customers should be able to track the status of their support requests. Ticketing systems can provide updates via customers’ preferred methods of communication. This transparency builds a sense of reassurance and trust that a company has acknowledged each request for support. It also considers the customers’ time. Instead of repeatedly calling in to speak with someone to check the status of a request, customers can track their support tickets via multiple channels of communication.

Optimal Communication

Omnichannel cloud ticketing systems give customers the flexibility to choose how they communicate with a company. Customers can reach out via SMS, webchat, email, or voice to submit support requests. Agents have the ability to communicate with customers through the same avenue. Interaction history is recorded and accessible across all systems. 

For example, if a customer calls in to request a late fee waiver, you would have access to their interaction history to determine eligibility. You could see that the customer was locked out of their online account and had called in previously to create a password reset support ticket. This verifies why they missed a payment and allows you to make the right call. Optimal communication is evident through interactions similar to this example. 


Customer support should always be easy to access. Calling a support agent over the phone may be difficult for busy customers. Excess hold times may add to their frustration. Cloud ticketing systems provide simple forms customers can fill out and submit online when they need help. These forms give them the opportunity to describe their issue in detail. Customers can provide a date, time, and best way to reach them. Forms provide agents with the information they need to find a solution.


Companies can enhance the customer journey by providing transparency when they reach out for support. SLAs (Service Level Agreements) function as a description of the customer’s issue, the agent’s plan to fix it, and the level of priority. This helps customers define what “solved” means within the context of their problem. If customers instead receive a vague solution that may or may not help them, it will be difficult to gain their trust. When customers are confident in you, their experience improves.

LiveVox Integrated Ticketing

LiveVox Integrated Ticketing

One of the most efficient ways to deliver quality customer support involves using a cloud ticketing system that integrates into different workflows. It should be able to communicate well across different platforms and quickly pull data from third party applications. The cloud ticketing system should also consolidate customer data into a unified CRM platform. This ensures an improved customer experience because agents will have access to data from multiple sources, regardless of their roles within the company. 
The LiveVox Integrated Ticketing system is a cloud-based platform that provides agents with smooth workflows. It provides streamlined communication through its omnichannel capabilities. The ticketing system also records customer information and shares it across a unified CRM platform. The quality of the customer journey has become one of the most important factors that determines a company’s reputation. Learn how the LiveVox Integrated Ticketing system can transform the way your agents provide support and improve the customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best support systems for mobile apps?

The best support systems for mobile apps will include features such as 24/7 support, easy accessibility, a friendly UI, experienced agents, and self-serve capabilities.

What is a good help desk software for internal support?

A good help desk software for internal support is a cloud-based ticketing system that agents can easily and quickly access. It should provide real-time updates, tracking, and SLAs.

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