July 25, 2022

Call Center Best Practices for Workforce Engagement

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Call Center Best Practices for Workforce Engagement

The workforce culture has undergone a significant change post-pandemic, and this had brought on a new set of call center best practices. Along with new norms such as remote and hybrid work came a period that economists dubbed, “The Great Resignation.” The pandemic spurred many emotions as employees scrambled to find a sense of security in a wavering economy. Slowly the country began to regain control over a deadly virus. However, one thing was glaringly different. Millions of employees either never went back to work or decided to switch their careers. 

There are several theories as to why this happened, particularly during a time where income was uncertain. One perspective outlines the gradual realization that employees had during their mandatory time off. Many were unhappy and felt underpaid and overworked. As millions began to look for new jobs, companies found several ways to increase employee engagement to retain their current employees and attract new ones. 

Call center best practices

The key to retaining good employees is respect and the impact into the world one makes. Simply put, they want to feel good about what they do and want to feel valued while they do it.

Agent engagement in the call center

Engaging employees not only makes call centers a valuable place to work, but it also brings in profit. One study found that only a five percent increase in employee engagement can raise revenue by three percent the following year. This should be a priority for contact centers, especially since turnover rates are one of the highest in the workforce. Engaged employees not only stay at work, but they also provide better service for customers. There are several ways to increase employee engagement in the call center.


Employees like to feel heard, understood, and valued. HIghlighting their achievements provides a boost of confidence and assurance that they’ve completed a job well done. It motivates other individuals to pursue the same levels of excellence. In turn, morale is kept high and creates a sense of healthy ambition in the work environment. Recognition is a natural driver and motivator for success.

Emphasize teamwork

Dividing agents into teams within the call center can be fairly simple since many departments can exist within one organization. When employees are part of a team, the sense of camaraderie brings a feeling of unity. The positivity is contagious, and teammates encourage each other to do their best. Team-building activities help increase agent engagement by providing a sense of belonging. It helps employees realize they are a part of something bigger that can make a significant impact within their industry.


Providing agents with flexible options such as hybrid or remote work or self-scheduling abilities enforces a sense of autonomy. For many, this builds employees’ independence and trust. Employers show that they trust their agents and view them as capable of making the right decisions that align with company goals.

Call center best practice: build employees’ independence and trust


Agents whose feedback is valued feel heard. Businesses that ask for employee feedback foster a sense of appreciation and respect. This is a crucial aspect of increased employee engagement. Employees feel involved and the success of a company is presented as a true team effort.

Optimized workflows

Making an agent’s job easier is an essential part of employee engagement. Contact centers can integrate unified platforms that make every customer interaction as smooth as possible. The LiveVox unified CRM is an omnichannel platform that connects critical desktop tools agents use throughout their workflows. Data can be transferred and quickly provided to agents through chat, SMS, email, and voice as they receive or make calls. Efficient workflows make employee engagement easy because it allows agents to focus on the customer experience.

Turnover within the call center is notoriously high. However, retaining top talent doesn’t have to be difficult. By implementing these simple Call center best practices into business operations, contact centers can ensure to successfully motivate employees. Enhancing the agent experience is a significant part of improving the customer journey.

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