November 2, 2022

Are Direct Dialers Essential for Efficient and Compliant Customer Outreach?

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Are Direct Dialers Essential for Efficient and Compliant Customer Outreach?

The call center environment is fast-paced, constantly buzzing with a flurry of multiple conversations and ringing phones. That’s why direct dialers are so essential. One call center can easily service more than a dozen clients within various industries. Each client may have different requirements when it comes to the way agents interact with customers. In addition, federal regulations can dictate even more stringent rules. Failure to comply can result in fines from the FTC. 

Keeping track of ever-changing regulations is only one aspect of the call center’s responsibilities. Each client that a call center services could have thousands of customers. Call centers must stay on top of scheduling, hiring, and training in order to meet customer service demands. Without careful planning, team supervisors may see customers begin to slowly slip through the cracks. Call back requests could go unanswered and new sales opportunities could be missed if agents aren’t able to make all the calls needed during their shifts. 

Such a seemingly chaotic presentation can leave you wondering: how do call center supervisors ensure that their teams adhere to the multitude of mandatory guidelines while also working as efficiently as possible? They need the right tools, and in this instance, a direct dialer can help solve both problems.  

What is a direct dialer?

A direct dialer is a software program that automatically makes outbound calls for agents. Direct dialers can work in different ways, and call centers use them to support specific agent functions such as outreach for sales campaigns or debt collection efforts.

What is a direct dialer?

Predictive dialers

Predictive dialers use data from the call center, such as agent availability, to make the maximum number of outbound calls in a given time period. These dialers ring several numbers at once. When someone answers, the dialer quickly connects to a live agent. From the agent’s perspective, they are simply connected to someone else as soon as they hang up. When a high-volume of calls need to be conducted, predictive dialers would be the best solution for a call center.

Power dialers

Power dialers work by automatically dialing for agents who prompt a call by clicking on a phone number in their CRM software. Since this method works after an agent initiates, they have the time to revise a customer’s account and figure out what to say before making the call. If no one answers, agents can leave voicemails or quickly disconnect. These dialers work well for agents who may need to reach out to customers requesting a call back or for escalated calls that require a supervisor’s attention.

Progressive dialers

Progressive dialers help agents with their outbound calls by automatically dialing from a preselected list of numbers. After an agent hangs up the phone, the dialer makes a new attempt using the list.This saves them the most time since calls are dialed for them back to back. This dialer is best suited for outreach efforts that do not require much prep time. An example of this could be an outbound political campaign or routine welcome calls. Agents may have scripts ready to go as soon as someone picks up the phone.

How direct dialers benefit the call center

Using direct dialers in the call center not only gives executive teams peace of mind, but it also allows agents to focus directly on the customer. It removes the burden of agents having to worry about complex regulations or the number of dials they must achieve during their shifts. There are two main ways that direct dialers benefit the call center:

How direct dialers benefit the call center

Improved efficiency

Direct dialers allow agents to make more high-value calls much faster. The time spent manually dialing different numbers adds up after making well over 100 calls per day. Agents can rely on dialers to quickly and accurately dial for them, saving them a significant amount of time each day. Dialing numbers manually could also leave room for distraction between calls. Sometimes an agent might take too long deciding on the next number to call, or they could spend too much time overthinking upcoming conversations. Predictive and progressive dialers remove the downtime and result in more time for more outbound calls. At LiveVox, the Automated Dialing Solution uses AMD, or Answering Machine Detection, to bypass voicemails and move on to the next number to call. The AMD and customer authentication features at LIveVox maximize efficiency by connecting agents to the right person. This helps ensure that agents engage in more high-value calls instead of spending time leaving voicemails or talking to the wrong person on the phone.

Compliance adherence

Compliance issues can be problematic for call centers, which is why using direct dialers is essential for success. The LiveVox Automated Dialing Solution automatically segments lists by multiple factors related to compliance in order to mitigate risk. It can differentiate between customers that live in different time zones so that agents avoid calling after hours. It also prevents agents from calling the same number multiple times within a specific time period, which can also violate federal regulations. The LiveVox Automated Dialing Solution further assists in compliance adherence by offering features that identify zip-area code mismatch and customers on the Do Not Call List. 

Without direct dialers, it can be easy to miss crucial pieces of information that could result in the violation of federal regulations. It could also make it nearly impossible for agents to meet high outbound call metrics. Consider the dialer software your call center uses and ensure that it contributes to an improved agent experience. LiveVox helps set businesses up for success through the dialing solution included in their call center platform. Their Automated Dialing Solution increases agent efficiency through smooth operational workflows. You can learn more about the LiveVox way by requesting a demo here

Frequently asked questions

What is outbound dialer software?

Outbound dialer software is a platform that automatically makes outgoing calls and connects agents to a live person.

What are the costs for outbound and direct dialers?

The cost for outbound and direct dialers can vary. Depending on the features included, costs for dialers can be anywhere from $50 to $300 per agent.

What industries use direct dialers?

Industries that use direct dialers include finance, teleservice, telecom, healthcare, and BPO.

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