October 26, 2022

AHHHHH! Customer Service Call Center Horror Stories

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AHHHHH! Customer Service Call Center Horror Stories

Not all scary stories involve monsters and ghosts. You don’t even need a haunted house or an abandoned, decrepit warehouse in the middle of nowhere to set a spooky scene. Some of the most chilling tales actually take place in call centers as these tales from the contact center crypt will show. Depending on who you ask, that answer may not be all that surprising. The wake of angry customers and expensive fines left by outdated technology, siloed data, or TCPA violations is sure to leave you shaking at your desk. Surely no one is deserving of these horrors.

Fortunately, it’s possible to spare both agents and customers from experiencing such atrocities. All it takes are the right tools that are designed to help call centers function as smoothly as possible. To help you understand what that looks like, read some of our Customer Service Call Center Horror Stories below and learn how LiveVox can come to the rescue. 

TCPA Nightmares

Every call center knows how important risk mitigation is, especially when it comes to federal regulations. Our first subject is an online lender. This virtual company seemed to have it all together, especially since it considered itself part of the fin-tech family. However, behind the scenes was a completely different story. Agents and customers would regularly communicate through various channels. Many times agents had to reach out to customers on their cellphones, which requires consent as per the TCPA. Horrifyingly, none of these channels of communication were connected to each other, leaving agents on their own when it came to tracking captured consent. They tried to handle it by keeping manual records of consent across all channels. The risk that presented was unbearable to imagine. Not only was the company setting itself up for a bad time, but agents were also struggling to cope. They also had to dial every single customer number by hand, one-by-one, straight from an Excel spreadsheet. All of this while toggling between numerous windows. The situation was the stuff of nightmares. 

Thankfully, LiveVox intervened right away. LiveVox’s solutions allow agents to mitigate risk and maximize their productivity during their shifts.TCPA-focused dialers work by tracking consent across multiple channels, leaving agents free from worrying about violating regulations. The LiveVox Unified Platform the company implemented gave agents a single-view of a customer’s profile and removed the need for multiple windows. Overall, the company saw major improvement in agents’ performance and customer satisfaction after simplifying their workflows with LiveVox.

Unspeakable torture

It started when a customer decided to call in to a company’s customer service line for a simple order exchange. Everything seemed alright at first. The customer found herself lost in the maze of a clunky IVR system for a bit, but soon realized she was officially on hold. Her positivity slowly began to wear away, revealing a growing sense of despair as the minutes dragged on. The clock seemed to be going in slow motion, clashing with the fact that she had already been on hold for 40 minutes. When an agent finally answered, she breathed a sigh of relief, only to be told she was going to be transferred to another department. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, the line mysteriously disconnected. 

Such barbaric torture could have been easily avoided. AI-enabled self-service tools could’ve saved the woman from experiencing such a twisted joke. LiveVox’s AI-powered IVR system empowers customers with the ability to make payments and perform other routine account maintenance tasks – all without the help of an agent. Customers can call in and immediately get what they need without having to hold, resulting in a higher number of available agents. For customers who do need to speak to a live agent, the wait time is reduced as call volume is also reduced.

Ancient evils

A teleservices company one day realized that their lead generation efforts weren’t where they needed to be. Although every other aspect of their marketing strategy was on point, it still seemed as if the results they were seeing weren’t aligned with the effort they were putting in. Customers were showing interest, but then they seemed to just disappear. It was as if all their prospective customers were falling victim to some unearthly evil forces that pushed them away. After some prodding, they found that the reason for their lackluster results really was due to an archaic workflow. Agents did their best individually to track prospect contact attempts and follow-ups. Some used post-it notes while others convinced themselves they’d remember (they didn’t). Their manually-based “workflows” hadn’t been used since the late 1980’s by modern companies because of the sadness and pain they brought to everyone involved. So many prospective customers could’ve been saved, if only the company had decided to automate their workflows a long time ago. 

Ancient stories of customer service call center technology

Automation can be the answer to any call center’s workflow problems. LiveVox provides several automated tools designed with call centers specifically in mind. The Outbound Suite manages campaigns across all channels and automates the customer’s journey. This prevents customers from being left behind by automatically tracking and following up with them for you, all on your customized terms. Your customer service call center doesn’t have to fall victim to ancient evil forces; automation tools can always keep them in your line of sight.  

As you can see, the horrors that sometimes befall customer service call centers are truly capable of leaving even the most seasoned agents scared to ever answer the phone again. However, implementing LiveVox’s unified call center solutions into your agent support workflows is sure to help keep the CX scaries at bay. 

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