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April 13, 2022

A Guide to Outbound Dialing Software

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Outbound dialing software can help sales agents reach the largest number of likely customers in the most efficient manner.

Outbound dialing software can help sales agents reach the largest number of likely customers in the most efficient manner–a fitting goal for any business looking to increase profitability. 

Outbound dialers maximize agent productivity by improving contact rates, standardizing the customer experience by streamlining outbound activity, and ensuring TCPA compliance by using the most appropriate type of dialing strategy for the situation at hand. They’re quick and convenient to use and, thanks to cloud contact center software, simple to implement. 

We’ll take a closer look at the different types of outbound dialing software and how they can increase satisfaction for agents, customers and call center managers alike.

What is outbound dialing?

Anytime you make a call, you’re engaging in outbound dialing, the process of using a phone or mobile device to dial out to another telephone line. In its most basic form, outbound dialing is performed manually by a person pressing numbers on the phone’s keypad and waiting for the party on the other end of the line to pick up. 

Those few seconds you spend dialing the number and awaiting an answer might not matter to you when you’re calling a friend to chat, but when you need to reach thousands of prospective customers, all those extra seconds add up and can really eat into your agents’ productivity. Thus, in a business setting, companies can greatly increase efficiency and effectiveness by employing an automated dialing solution, which takes the manual work out of placing outbound calls. 

Outbound dialing software can automate the process of making calls in a variety of ways. It can enter phone numbers, predict the best timing to reach the next available agent, optimize the timing of calls based on customer data, and control contact attempts based on predetermined settings. The best outbound dialing software for your business will depend on the types of leads you’re trying to reach, the purpose for your call, and your most important business objectives.

There are four different outbound dialer types that offer various benefits.

The benefits of outbound dialing software

There are four different types of outbound dialer types: Preview, power, predictive, and progressive within the LiveVox outbound voice software suite.  From operational efficiency to improved business outcomes, outbound dialing software can offer businesses numerous benefits. Here are a few of the biggest potential gains. 

Boost Agent Productivity

The number one benefit of an outbound dialing solution is to increase the productivity of your agents. Outbound dialing software minimizes downtime by intelligently lining up the next call so that a fresh lead is ready to go as soon as an agent becomes available. It saves sales reps time and eliminates the frustration that comes with waiting through endless busy signals and voicemail messages before reaching a live person. 

Aid In Customer Acquisition

Your physical sales reps can only cover so much territory. Automating your outbound voice outreach can help you move into broader geographical locations and reach new audience groups that in-person reps haven’t been able to penetrate or haven’t had the bandwidth to cover. 

Achieve Sales Goals

Every manager wants to boost revenue without adding additional agents or incurring new expenses. Sounds like an unrealistic goal? Not with the help of an outbound dialing platform, which empowers agents to derive the most value from every lead, turning existing customers into recurring customers and increasing lifetime value with upselling and cross-selling. 

Mitigate Risk

The landscape for outbound voice becomes more complex with each year with the passing of new legislation and ever-evolving court rulings. Using outbound dialing software helps you stay on the right side of the law by controlling contact attempts and automating mandated compliance steps.

What outbound dialing software is used for

Communicating With A Large Number of People

Growth means that one-to-one manual contacts become unsustainable. Outbound dialing software is a scalable solution for communicating with an audience that’s not limited by the constraints of manual work, whether you need to reach out to new leads, nurture prospects, stay in touch with existing customers, or relay important information to members. It’s also effective for reaching a set population like people in a specific service area or residents of a community. 

Improving Contact Rates

Automated dialing can dramatically improve contact rates by helping representatives reach people on their schedule. Integrated cloud contact software can automatically schedule a follow-up if a person isn’t reached so no contacts fall through the cracks. This is greatly helpful in keeping leads from going stale.

Maximizing Opportunities To Sell

Despite what some gurus on the internet might have you believe, outbound selling isn’t dead. In fact, far from it. It remains one of the most effective ways to close sales, but its downside is that it comes with heavier lift labor- and time-wise. Outbound dialing software helps you reach more leads, which means reps are able to have more live conversations. This, in turn, leads to more conversions. 

Managing Inbound Volume

Many companies treat inbound and outbound as two distinct service areas, but this is a mistake. Inbound and outbound communications are intrinsically linked, with volume on one channel often affecting the other. An outbound dialing solution can be used to communicate important service or account alerts to customers to proactively minimize incoming requests.

The best outbound dialing software

LiveVox’s outbound dialing software

LiveVox’s ‘Four Clouds’ approach to outbound voice was built to help businesses optimize outreach while mitigating risk. LiveVox enables organizations to maintain a high level of operational efficiency while enjoying the flexibility they need with four distinct dialing systems.

Automated calling launches calls under a variety of dialing strategies, including right-party connect and message only. A human call initiator, or HCI, allows agents to launch a call with the click of a button, saving time while complying with TCPA requirements. Preview-all calling prepares agents with customer details and insights that can improve performance ahead of the call. And finally, manual dialing gives agents complete control over the speed and scope of their outreach, which is ideal in business models that include account ownership.

Because keeping up with contact preferences and number of attempts is key to staying compliant, LiveVox integrates simple yet robust contact controls. These can be customized by account details, phone number, zip code and campaign level. Do Not Call controls prevent outreach to subscribers who have opted out of such communications, while maximum dial frequency and time zone settings help you stay within the bounds of all relevant guidelines regarding contact attempts.

Frequently asked questions

What is outbound dialer software?

Outbound dialer software uses a computer interface to place outbound calls. It enables organizations to automate some or all of the process of outbound calling, which saves time and increases operational efficiency.

Are auto-dialers illegal?

Autodialers are illegal when they fall within the scope outlined in the Telephone Consumer Protections Act (TCPA). The TCPA defines an autodialer as “equipment which has the capacity (A) to store or produce telephone numbers to be called, using a random or sequential number generator; and (B) to dial such numbers.” A device that merely has the capacity to automatically dial numbers from a list does not qualify as an illegal autodialer. 

What is the best free auto-dialer?

The best auto dialer is one that will help maximize the productivity of your sales reps while maintaining compliance. The right auto-dialing solution for you will depend on your industry, the audience you’re calling and the purpose for your calls.

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