November 6, 2020

7 Principles of Quality Management in the Contact Center

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As a business, you strive to provide the best products, services, and support to your customers. What you measure to define success may differ, but the need to manage quality is part of that success. 

Contact center leaders look to quality management and quality control software like speech analytics, call recording, and the like to determine where and how to improve and deliver more to customers. Such systems help managers identify corrective actions and areas for improvement. 

Across industries, businesses invest in the following 7 principles of quality management to help guide their work towards optimal efficiency and returns. 

What is a Quality Management System?

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a collection of business processes to help businesses consistently meet customer requirements and enhance satisfaction. A QMS includes goals, policies, processes, information and resources a company needs to implement it. The system is broken down into seven principles. Most companies follow the ISO9001, which are the QMS requirements applicable to most industries. By creating processes to meet these requirements, a contact center creates an environment where agents are more likely to meet or exceed customer expectations and performance.

7 principles of a QMS and why they’re important

All 7 principles of the QMS framework play a role in the success of your contact center.

 Let’s break down each principle to understand how your implementation of a quality management system can positively impact customer outcomes.

  1. Customer Focus: Meet customer requirements and exceed expectations. 

By focusing on your customers, meeting their requirements, and exceeding their expectations, you increase customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty. This generally results in repeat business. By retaining customers and improving customer satisfaction, you have the opportunity to improve revenue and market share. 

  1. Leadership: Create conditions where people are engaged in meeting business objectives. 

If your agents are aligned on the mission, vision and processes, and receive consistent communication from management, they are more likely to deliver results.

  1. Engagement of people: Hire competent people and empower them to deliver value. 

Recognizing good work, empowering your agents, and consistently developing skills, fosters an atmosphere of trust and success. Having empowered agents leads to better interactions with customers and helps fulfill the #1 principle (see above) on the QMS list.

  1. Process approach: Develop processes that are aligned and efficient.

Optimize your team’s output with a focus on processes that maximize resources. A process approach creates clear paths to meet desired outcomes.

  1. Improvement: Strive for continuous improvement in performance. 

With the willingness to enhance processes, execution, customer satisfaction, and more, you are able to make the necessary changes across your business to deliver better results.

  1. Evidence-based decision making: Make decisions based on the evaluation of data and information. 

Evidence-based decision making goes hand-in-hand with improvement. When you utilize data and information, you are able to make smart decisions to improve agent performance, customer service, contact center processes, and more. 

  1. Relationship management: Manage relationships with interested parties to optimize performance. 

An organization is more likely to be successful if relationships with outside vendors and partners are prioritized.

How can you implement QMS at scale?

Quality management software is available to help you implement a quality control framework at scale in your contact center. When you opt for a cloud based solution, you’re able to scale its benefits as you grow.

For example, our own SpeechIQ tool can track quality and compliance, delivering metrics to provide valuable customer insights. Speech analytics can help you understand the work of your employees and guide your feedback and improvement by recording and analyzing every call looking for nitty gritty indicators of success in sentiment, keywords, and beyond. 

This process approach optimizes your ability to respond to, or mitigate, issues.

In the past, contact centers relied on someone listening to each call and personally analyzing interactions. With software like SpeechIQ, the AI does a lot of the analysis for you, allowing you to monitor and assess more agents, and make more holistic improvements.

Because you have access to all call recordings, you can determine what is working during customer interactions and what needs to be refined. Review agents’ performance and provide additional training for continuous improvement. You can empower your agents by providing the information they need to be successful.

With the reporting tools available with quality management software, you can make evidence-based decisions. Besides reviewing agent performance, you can use the information to better understand your customers’ pain points. This can help you think through product messaging or frequently asked questions to help turn some of those contact center calls into self-service opportunities. 

By implementing a quality management system, and investing in a scalable cloud solution equipped with AI functionality, you can create a more productive work environment, driving towards consistently happy customers.

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To stay up to date with everything LiveVox, follow us at @LiveVox, visit or call one of our specialists at (844) 207-6663.

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