May 17, 2022

5 Steps To Successful Digital Transformation According to a VP of Product Strategy

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Digital Transformation with Product VP

Digital transformation can sound like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be.

The path to an effective digital transformation can be broken down into a few practical, yet key steps. LiveVox VP of Product Strategy and former VP of Digital Banking Solutions for US Bank, Boris Grinshpun, shares his best practices for successfully transitioning to digital.

digital transformation is a strategic initiative that uses software technology and the cloud to update or modify existing processes for greater efficiency.
Below are five key takeaways:

1. Map the customer journey and build a business case

“Walk a mile in their shoes”

From every touchpoint of your company’s interactions, in-person, to self-service, to agent-assisted interaction – map your consumer’s journey and identify the pain points they experience. This will help you build a business case for gathering the resources needed to improve them.

2. Fix what’s broken

“Start Small, Don’t Try to Boil the Ocean”

Once you build a business case, start by simply fixing what is broken now based on what was learned from your customer journey mapping. This may likely be an issue that does not have to do with a new channel. If the foundation is not strong, anything added to it will exacerbate the pain point.

3. Keep it simple

“Anyone Can Make Things Complex, it Takes a Genius to Make Them Simple”

Keep your initial strategies simple and build from there. See if there are little ways to supplement what is broken with a digital alternative like AI-enabled self service.

Digital transformation requires the integration of technology and data across all areas of the organization.

4. Unify data to connect the customer experience

“Turn Cross-Channel Into True Omnichannel”

Determine where there are cross-channel gaps or delays in your customer journey and remove the barriers or fiction by linking them together for a cohesive customer experience. For example, reduce customer effort by syncing data across systems on the backend so vital details and history follow them from interaction to interaction. This way any interaction handled by a virtual agent or conversational IVR is captured and transferred if and when a human escalation is required so that repetition and friction are reduced or eliminated entirely. 

This can only be done once you have the first three fundamental building blocks above in place.

5. Plan for continuous improvement

“Your Work is Never Done”

Do not view this as a one-and-done process. Technology moves too fast and without an evolving perspective on digital engagement, your effort will be obsolete/ineffective in 2-3 years.

  • Allocate investment for optimization – Invest in the resources to continuously oversee the customer journey and its effectiveness. Analysts, customer experience leaders, and innovation all play a critical role in providing a positive digital experience for your customers.
  • Leave room for innovation – Remain curious; test new technologies and assess the impact they will have driving business results.

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