10 Ways Virtual Customer Service Can Help When You Can’t Find the Right Talent

10 Ways Virtual Customer Service Can Help When You Can't Find the Right Talent

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If you’re having trouble getting the right people for your contact center, you’re not alone. One solution many businesses have implemented: virtual customer service.

For many businesses, hiring the right people to provide quality customer service might seem difficult. It can be challenging to find someone with the right experience and work ethic to represent your brand. In the call center, high turnover rates contribute to the problem. Long-lasting, reliable, and knowledgeable agents can be hard to come across. The competition between businesses to hire those individuals can be tough. 

What is virtual customer service?

Virtual customer service is a software tool powered by artificial intelligence that can assist incoming requests from customers through voice, chat, email, and SMS. Some forms of virtual customer service are very limited in how they can help. Others are powered by advanced speech tools  that engage in conversation with customers. Virtual customer service agents and chatbots can conduct the verification process. They can provide customers with information ranging from order status updates to payment information. Many can take payments and make simple account changes. If you’re struggling with finding the right people for your contact center, consider these ten ways that virtual customer service can help keep your operation flowing smoothly.

Automated help

Virtual customer service can provide customers with automated help. These tools can be set up to provide customers with answers to frequently asked questions. Chatbots are an example of automated help. Users can create their own question and answer flow that makes sense for their business. Automated solutions can provide customers with the help they need without having to talk to a live agent.

Around the clock customer service

AI powered virtual agents can provide customer support 24/7. It can be difficult to find enough agents willing to work overnight shifts. Using AI virtual agents with advanced speech capabilities to handle incoming requests helps improve the customer experience. It’s convenient for customers that might not have time during the day to reach out for support.

AI powered virtual agents can provide customer support 24/7

Omnichannel abilities

Virtual customer service can be offered through multiple channels, not just over the phone. You can set up chatbots or AI virtual agents for web chat or SMS. You can also use virtual agents with an IVR system. Automated email responses can be created to answer customer emails. No matter what channel of communication a customer prefers, virtual customer service can be provided.

Easy to scale

Virtual customer service is easy to scale. When your contact center is growing, it’s important to be able to adapt quickly. Sometimes hiring enough agents in a short time span isn’t possible. It can take an extensive amount of time and money. However, if your contact center uses virtual agents, you can rely on their support as much as your server allows.

Enhanced self-service features

AI powered virtual agents can interact with customers the same way a live agent would. LiveVox’s virtual agents employ NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning to understand what customers are communicating to them. They can tell the difference  between a human voice and other noises. Machine learning allows them to “learn” and develop their language skills after each conversation. These agents can remove the need to speak with a live agent. They can take payments, update account information, troubleshoot, and answer common questions. 


Virtual agents cost significantly less than the process of hiring new agents. Although they do not replace live agents, they still help reduce the cost of hiring by providing enough support for them. In addition, virtual customer service solutions like LiveVox’s virtual agents can integrate with your existing setup. As a result, you can avoid the hassle of extra costs associated with making changes to your operation.

Enhance the agent experience

Adding virtual customer service can help make already existing agents’  jobs much smoother. Virtual customer service in the call center can help reduce call volume by providing customers with the answers they need. There would be no need to talk to a live agent. This allows your agents to focus on those callers with more complex issues and provide better service.

Virtual customer service in the call center can help reduce call volume by providing customers with the answers they need

Make instant changes

Since virtual agents are essentially a software program, it’s easy to make any changes you need. With live agents, thorough training and coaching is needed for improvement. Virtual agents can be customized and configured whenever and as often as needed.

Data and analytic tools

Virtual customer service is trackable. It can provide call center leadership with valuable data. LiveVox’s virtual agents are recorded, monitored, and scored. Supervisors can evaluate virtual agents’ performance the same way they would with a live agent. Leadership can use this insight to learn more about customer behavior and drive better business decisions.

Improve CX

You can improve the customer experience without having to provide more training or new agents. Virtual customer service agents help reduce call waiting times, Average Handle Times, and call abandonment rates. You can also improve first call resolution rates with virtual agents that provide advanced self-service options.  

Consider the powerful impact that virtual customer service can have on your call center. Improve both the agent and customer experience with the benefits that virtual customer service provides. Learn how AI virtual agents can set your call center up for success by requesting a demo.

Did you know?
Contact Center AI is easy to do with LiveVox - Get the AI Starter Kit

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