September 20, 2022

What’s The Best Dialer For Your Call Center?

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What's The Best Dialer For Your Call Center?

Dialer software is an integral part of any contact center. The capability and level of technology a call center’s dialer has makes a direct impact on the quality of service it provides to its customers. Dialers come in many shapes and forms. Their functionality varies to assist the call center in executing different workflows.The dialer best suited for your call center largely depends on various factors. 

For example, some dialers are better suited for larger organizations, while others are optimal for smaller centers with minimal primary functions. The type of operational workflows or equipment set in place can also determine what type of dialer would work most efficiently in a call center. In addition, dialer systems vary in price. 

They generally charge a monthly subscription per package or per user. This flexibility in price allows contact centers to select a dialer system that makes the most sense for their needs and financial situation. 

However, not all dialers are cut from the same cloth. Some may be limited in features that a contact center relies on. Others could be missing the advanced technology needed to stay competitive in today’s world of customer support. As a result, businesses end up wasting funds and receiving little to no return on their investment. 

The dialer a contact center uses should empower agents to maximize outreach efforts and contribute to the overall health of a company

This is especially concerning when many dialer system subscriptions charge high monthly fees. The dialer a contact center uses should empower agents to maximize outreach efforts and contribute to the overall health of a company. 

LiveVox’s automated dialing system

LiveVox, which offers a highly-advanced and customizable platform designed for the contact center, provides three different types of dialers for the contact center. The technology LiveVox uses to design their dialing system provides flexible features for call centers. Agent efficiency increases as a result of enhanced capabilities and proves the LiveVox Automated Dialing System a valuable investment. Read on to learn about the different dialer types and features within the LiveVox platform.

Power dialers

Power dialers work by dialing numbers for agents as opposed to agents dialing out themselves. The seconds saved from not needing to manually dial out during each call results in a significant amount of time when added up. Using a power dialer is not as fast compared to the other two types of dialers. However this is intentional. 

This approach makes quick calls when the agent is ready. It gives them time to revise a customer’s account history or rehearse a script. In addition, power dialers generally do not bypass voicemails and busy signals. Agents can simply disconnect if they need to, or they can choose to leave a voicemail. 

Progressive dialers

Progressive dialers also help agents maximize their time spent on the phone. Agents use these dialers to be able to make back to back calls at top speed. The dialer will call a number and connect agents when someone answers. If agents wish to leave a voicemail, they may do so, or they can hang up and be placed back on queue. 

Progressive dialers are best suited for outbound marketing campaigns because they are capable of reaching more people in shorter amounts of time. It also allows agents to leave a message to request a call back. Progressive dialers are also optimal for calls that do not require much prep time, such as welcome calls for a large number of customers. 

Predictive dialers

Predictive dialers are a perfect solution for call centers who handle large outbound call volume. Predictive dialers are highly efficient because agents are connected only once someone answers the phone. They are capable of making many calls at one time. When a person answers, they are automatically routed to the next available agent. Any time the software reaches a voicemail or busy signal, it disconnects and continues on to a different number. When agents finish up their call, they are disconnected and can be sent back to the queue to wait for the next one. 

When agents finish up their call, they are disconnected and can be sent back to the queue to wait for the next one

Best Dialer Features

TCPA-focused risk mitigation

Strict federal regulations have made outbound campaigns difficult for many contact centers. However, LiveVox offers highly-customizable compliance controls that helps ensure companies stay compliant. A few of these control settings include:

  • Time Zone Settings
  • Maximum Dial Attempt Settings
  • Do Not Call
  • Cell Phone Scrubs
  • Zip-Area Mismatch

Answering machine detection

The AMD feature saves time and maximizes agent efficiency. Agents do not need to spend time leaving voicemails. Instead, the LiveVox dialing solutions help ensure that agents are using their time talking to live customers.

Call authentication

Call authentication features essentially serve as a screener. When someone answers the phone, they must answer some questions to verify their identity. This maximizes the time agents spend talking to the right person by connecting with them on the initial attempt.

Campaign management

LiveVox’s automated dialers integrate with existing campaigns, making it an efficient tool for outreach efforts. Business intelligence features allow for optimal algorithms that direct outbound calls. Campaign segmentation capabilities also optimize outreach by sorting customers into different categories. Categories could include interaction history or particular customer attributes. 

The LiveVox call center dialer software helps boost a company’s overall productivity through its highly-advanced technology. Learn how LiveVox can help set up your call center for success by contacting us here

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