November 15, 2022

What Smartphone Dialer is Best? Power & Smart Dialing Options

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What Smartphone Dialer is Best? Power & Smart Dialing Options. Smartphone Dialer definition

Not all smartphone dialers are created equal. At the core of any contact center, dialers perform various functions. Many contact centers use different types of dialer platforms for specific workflows. Auto dialers are a common tool used to maximize the number of calls each agent can make during their shift. Auto dialers remove the need for manual dialing and saves agents a significant amount of time. 

Although auto dialers can be very efficient, they don’t always work well for every scenario. Federal regulations, such as the TCPA, prohibit contact centers from using auto-dialers to call people on cell phones and smartphones. Violating this rule could result in hefty fines for a call center. Some may assume that it isn’t possible to complete outbound campaigns that contain cell phone numbers as efficiently as a campaign that does use an automated dialer. However, LiveVox has developed several dialer solutions to mitigate risk without sacrificing efficiency. Below you’ll find a description of the best LiveVox dialers contact centers can use when reaching out to smartphones.  

HCI, manual, and preview-all dialers

Optimizing workflows while adhering to compliance is a smart move in the outbound call center. LiveVox’s HCI dialer does this by mitigating compliance risk when agents need to reach out to customer cell phones and keep a quick cadence. The HCI tool relies on human intervention to execute each call. The HTI tool works the same way, except it uses text. The TCPA defines auto-dialers as those that function without any human assistance. HCI and HTI dialers do require the help of an agent so they essentially fall outside of the definition of auto-dialer. 

HCI, manual, and preview-all dialers

Preview-All is another outbound dialing solution from LiveVox. It gives agents a head start by providing them with all the necessary information about a customer before a call is made. Manual dialing gives agents the greatest amount of flexibility. This dialer is optimal for call centers that use account-owner based models with their agents. Manual dialing is not back-to-back dialing. Outbound campaigns that require more research before a phone call but aren’t time sensitive are better suited for it. Part of that research should also include determining the permission status for any cell phone numbers. LiveVox’s Dialer solutions include several benefits such as:

Enhanced risk mitigation

Aside from the human intervention aspect, HCI and HTI both allow agents to perform their job functions without worrying about accidentally calling cell phones. These tools do that for them. Agents get the chance to focus entirely on the customer. In addition, contact centers can minimize worry over non-compliance problems even as rules change. Federal regulations are constantly evolving. Minor changes that may not seem significant to a business owner may actually impact a call center’s entire workflow. This is why LiveVox is constantly monitoring TCPA regulations to ensure that our tools are consistently providing the necessary risk mitigation for clients. 

Audit-ready reports

LiveVox uses advanced analytics to gather data from every single customer interaction. When it comes to compliance, reports generated from HCI and HTI interactions provide users with all relevant information. It’s simple to monitor for compliance risks with audit-enabled reporting. In addition, users can customize the data collected on a report if needed. Supervisors can get these reports delivered at the frequency they choose. The valuable data provided on these reports gives team supervisors critical insight into areas that may need improvement, even if not related to risk management. 

Call and screen recording solutions

LiveVox allows call and screen capture during agent interactions with customers. Supervisors can search for specific recordings if a compliance problem comes up later on. Keeping data on hand like this is important should auditing problems ever arise. In addition, these recordings make a great tool to help agents and trainees learn how to provide quality service and adhere to necessary regulations. Call and screen recordings in conjunction with LiveVox’s Dialer solutions empower agents with the knowledge they need to deliver high-quality customer service. 

LiveVox allows call and screen capture during agent interactions with customers

Enhanced agent workflows

Smooth agent workflows result in better customer service and a better overall agent experience. Preview-all and Manual dialing allow agents to research accounts and prepare what they are going to say to a customer before they make a call. In addition to prep time, Preview-all gives agents the option to skip accounts they don’t need to connect with. This helps further maximize agent productivity. When agents have time to rehearse before speaking with customers, the entire interaction can flow much more smoothly. LiveVox’s dialer solutions create a better environment for agents to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. 

LiveVox focuses on developing advanced call center technology with the goal of helping clients run optimal workflows. Compliance problems can be prevented when your call center has the right technology set in place. Find out more about LiveVox’s call center solutions and see the powerful impact they can have on your company’s operations.

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